Jun 10 2013 Workout

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting workouts. This is because I injured myself due to my own stubborn stupidity. I’ve been walking here & there when I can, but thanks to the miracle of fibromyalgia, it has taken me a loooooong time to recover.

But…I can now walk, bend, & prop myself up on my elbows with less pain than I’ve felt in a while. Although I’m having very unpleasant fibro symptoms today (weakness, lack of coordination, pain in my right arm), I decided to reboot my fitness routine based on a discussion I had a month or so ago with the highly informative Killpundit. I am now doing the same moves (with a couple extra carefully added & instructed new ones) in 15 minute intervals.

Yes, instead of the 30 minutes 3x a week schedule my trainer had me on, I’m going to do 15 minutes every other day. Fibromyalgia lengthens my recovery time significantly, but I still wanted a regular fitness schedule. It made sense to do the same intensity in half the time. Therefore I do less reps & half the exercises, but still have the 30 second cardio bursts in between. I have also added 30 second rest periods, which I was failing to do before. Without a trainer standing over me, I always forget.



As always, don’t do a damned thing without talking to your doctor & learning how to properly execute form first. How did I injure my chest & shoulders? By not heeding my own advice. “Oh, I can do bench dips!” I said, promptly tearing everything around my collar bones & then some. Two months & no pounds lost later, I can finally do stuff with em again.

And don’t even ask about my unfortunate “forgetting to count squats” incident & what that did to my chronic gluteal TRP. Yeah, there was no sexy walk for a while, unless you consider lurping about sexy. Weirdo.


Feb 21 2013 Workout


I have been doing push ups, squats, & sit ups throughout the week, but as y’all know from my fibro blog, I’ve been flaring & have not been able to be consistent. I only intended to do 20 minutes today, but, well…30 minutes later, here we are:


I did a “warm up” walking around the grocery store & The Vitamin Shoppe with a basket. The remaining minutes of weighted walking were with an 18 lb kettle bell in between each set because I wasn’t feeling joggy. As you can see, I did sets with more reps, except for my sit ups, as my failure was 20 today. That is sad. But you do what you can.

The bicep curls were done with me standing on my lightest resistance band. I figure that about equals 10 lbs, but that last set felt like 20lbs. It’ll probably take me a week to make up for fibroflare weakness.

The 2 minutes of yoga was downward dog, cat pose, & cobra for 20 breaths each. My muscles & connective tissues have been frightfully tight, so I needed it.

Feb 14 2013 Workout

ALWAYS CHECK WITH A DOCTOR FIRST. But not Dr. No. He charges $1,000,000.00 for everything.


The jogging = 2 minutes warm up, then 30 seconds between every 2 strength sets as usual. If you hate to jog, do 25 jumping jacks (which hurt my plantar fascia) or 25 seal jacks or hop on your treadmill, elliptical, or recumbent bike for 30 secs. I guess you could also march in place or do the Humpty Dance.

As it’s Valentine’s Day, here’s your dance, here’s your chance (folks in committed relationships), to do the hump.

Yeah, sexy ladies!