You Can’t Un-Kill Someone


It’s love, people. Imma marry Casey. We’re going to have super stealthy spy children who are born killing goats. On the serious tip.

omg, who hasn’t wanted to shoot the fricken’ talky people over at the other desk/table/theatre seat/taco stand/check-out line/bassinet?

Love love love love love (twirly girly dance…of course, I DO have an RPG in my arms. And it’s not Legend of Zelda, ya pantywaists).

Tee hee hee hee!!!

Don’t judge me.



Ok, I know I just promised that my next blog post would be meaningful, but maybe this is meaningful, in kind of an abstract way…

It’s @wondroushippo’s response to my shoe post:

What’s funny is that I really do pretty only wear the one pair of sensible shoes & don’t own very many. Which is a travesty of justice, dammit. A travesty.

But this was fricken’ funny, was it not?

Yes, it was.

Now thank Carter.