Back On Me

I keep forgetting I have a category on here for music I’ve recorded. Subsequently, I keep forgetting to talk about the band that graciously allows me to sing harmonies with them, The Army You Have. I’ve even recorded a couple of tracks with them, duh!

Anyhow, if you like The Pixies, you will probably enjoy this very much. It’s fun to back Gary & Shelli with harmony because I get to play different roles. When I sing harmony with Gary, I have to channel a gritty chanteuse who sips apple pie ‘shine & smokes Marlboros. When I back Shelli, my inner Kim Deal comes out. Can’t be helped. You get both on this track.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy.

Back On Me–The Army You Have

Bonus track: I’m not on this recording, but it’s my absolute favourite TAYH song & it is utter ecstasy to do live: Hold Your Fire

My Vox + Finnish Electronica For Your Amusement

A very long time ago, when I was still a rabid, quivering, gelatinous mess of a Depeche Mode fan, I volunteered to lay down some vocals for my friend Kim Johnsson. Kim is a Finnish man with an impossibly deep, heavily accented voice who composes his own electronica & laughs easily & menacingly. We would call ourselves KJ2 (pronounced KJ Squared).

Kim wanted to do a track for the fifth incarnation of Modeified, the Depeche Mode fan tribute project. If you are curious enough to go online & suss out those recordings, they are a hell of a thing. I was more than willing to work with Kim because I’d heard his original music and it was fantastic. He proposed we do “It Doesn’t Matter Two” from Black Celebration, which I dig tremedously, so I asked him to make it slower & higher & I would attempt it.

I recorded it in my living room on equipment from the Dark Ages. It in fact had to be sent back to America so Danny “The Brat” Barassi could do some noise reduction. The guy is a miracle worker (in addition to being a beloved brat). When you hear this, you will realize I needed it higher because I was still a soprano back then. I also had very little control over my vibrato at the time, which was fine because Martin Gore (the original vocalist) never managed to wrangle his. However, looking back on it after I unearthed it while packing for my move to L.A., I find myself embarrassed by the wobblies, & a rather unfortunate mic pop on one of my Ps. And a heinous run in the beginning.  Meh.

BUT I promised James, Denise, & Mal that I would share any music I’d ever recorded with them once I located it. So. Here I am. Stuck fulfilling a promise I made before realizing I sound like the strangled goat child of Stevie Nicks. Ba-a-a-a-a-ah.


It Doesn’t Matter Two _ KJ2

Yes, I still have an accent when I sing.