Olia…Oh yeah!

Today I tried Olia Hair Colour by Garnier. I know it alarms you people that I dye my greys, but I don’t get that pretty silver grey most red heads get. I do get some pretty silver grey, but it’s mixed into this sort of lifeless dead tombstone grey, which comes of my natural colour being a reddish light brown.

Olia is an oil based, non-ammonia hair colour. It smells like an old Carolina Herrera perfume I liked in the 80s, rather than concentrated cat pee like an ammonia colour. It goes on gloriously. It claims to be non-drip, but that is a bald faced lie. However, being oil based, a quick wipe with a warm wet paper towel will do the trick.

It rinses out pretty much like an ammonia colour & comes off the skin very well. It doesn’t splash all over the shower walls, so if you enjoy running to your family & pretending you’ve had an accident with arterial spray, this isn’t for you. If you prefer a clean shower & not horrifying your loved ones, this is a great product!

After letting it mostly dry naturally I blew it out & was shocked by how uproariously glossy & healthy my hair looked. Whether it’s the oil based developer or the conditioner I cannot scientifically say, but I have dead ends & haven’t seen it this glossy & manageable in a good long while. It curled fantastically & still smells amazing even after a couple of hours sitting near a smoky grill in whipping wind. I will definitely be using it again.

And since a picture is worth 1000 words:


Blue Blouse

Here’s *a* photo. There could be more, but it was all a blur. It was kinda badda boom badda bing this year. And by “it” I mean the office Christmas party. And nobody did the worm or pole danced, so I am sad. Also I am still at work; everyone else is gone. Murderus rage welling up as I type. Yup.

The Most Important Inanimate Object In The World

This is Teddy. He looks bloody good for his age, 33, which in teddy bear years is something like Yoda. This bear has been in 3 continents, lost in at least 2 MotherCares, driven across an entire nation to be retrieved, and received more surgery than Joan Rivers. That’s why his arms are all apostrophied.

If you’re on Facebook or remember from when I was Fan of the Month on www.recoil.co.uk way back in the day, this is the same fluffy orange bear I had in my christening photo. Yes, when I was 2. My Nan took me to get him. I remember the walk to the shop & everything. There was an alley & a magical hedge. For the record, all alley hedges in urban England are magic.

My mum used to give me messages from Teddy by having him whisper into her ear. This was accomplished by holding him up to the ear & wiggling him violently. She would then say "Teddy says he loves you & to be very, very good." I would sometimes convey messages from Teddy to other people in this same fashion. Teddy, unlike my other bears, did not prefer to speak out loud.

I also sucked my thumb until I was 6 (shut up) so that is why his arms are squooshed. I would hold his arm in my four fingers, then pop my thumb in my mouth, effectively dragging my bear around from my face. There are a number of photos of me for a period of years where there is no evidence that I have a neck. Teddy is always there.

And he always will be. Men come & go, but your bear is fo’ life. Word.

In The Dressing Room

Get yer head out. This is after I got my clean bill of health, apres mammogram & ultrasound. I am wearing my new peacoat! This is the best light I could find and YES, Morgan, I had to hold the phone up high so you can see some of the coat.

Old Navy, $62. Awesome Actually warm, satin lined, dry clean only. Yes, that is the final hair colour. It’s way in your face with bright reditude. Monster. Grr.

Hair At Work

Here is the new hair after another wash & in flourescent light. I am acneriffic. Considering the amount of pink in the tub this morning, I am pretty sure this is NOT the final result.

Meaningful content? Um…

Research before ridicule. Can we be blamed for the security of ignorance? Er, the last one is Alan Wilder. The former is me. Thinkies not coming fast today.

Raspberry Head

Stephanie at work described this colour, Ion’s Demi-Permanent Light Burgundy Blonde, as “raspberry”. After taking several photos of it, I have to agree. This is obviously going to mellow after another couple of washes, but right now it’s pink, purple & red depending on where I am in relation to light. I posted 3 photos so you could see.

The amazing thing is that I had pretty much given up on rich, nigh-punk salon colour out of a semi-permanent, no-ammonia formula. This stuff is incredible. I get it at Sally’s, & you mix it 1:2 w/ a 10 developer. One tube covered my whole head because I ended up w/ 6 oz of creamy fluid.

Knock that off.

Girly girl silly blog post! Wheeeee!