New book! 

Here it is!

For reasons I cannot imagine except I’ve been busy, I forgot to tell y’all I have new book out! Now this one has decidedly less sex & death in it than The Method, but it also has other goals. Like trying to help you feel like you have some say in what happens to you.

So if you’re feeling rubbish or frightened by things that you feel shouldn’t frighten you, Christ, Not Crisis is your jam, in paperback & Kindle.

You don’t have to believe in Jesus for it to speak to you. I just happen to do so, which has been life changing for me. For example, I can confidently say I love you even though I’ve never met you. I want you to feel joy, or at least safety.

That Book Smell

I released The Method initially as a Kindle book, & that was a great experience, & severals of people bought it, & 7 reviewed it, quite kindly. Many more contacted me personally to say how much they enjoyed it. Many more said they only like real books.

I too prefer real books, but I will buy the Kindle version if it’s cheaper (& weirdly, it is frequently more expensive, despite how very easy it is to do). So I asked Jim Jamitis to please do a book jacket, & 3 months later, I finally have a real, paperback book, with that book smell that book addicts love. 

Opening the proof was surreal. And alarming. There were 8 errors in the text that I had not caught, nor had many of my readers, in nearly 100 reads. So the paperback, whether purchased from Create Space (where I get to keep a little more of the sale) or on Amazon (which is a perfectly acceptable & convenient way to buy anything), is a more perfect creation than the Kindle version. 

It still isn’t safe for children, I have tremendous misgivings about my friend Christopher even skimming it, & my mother carefully avoided talking about it on Thanksgiving. It’s like I did porn. I kind of did, but funny & with murder.

So if that sounds like your thing, please pick up The Method on Create Space or Amazon. It also makes a great gift for people who enjoy funny Hollywood murder porn. That smells like a book.

My First #Novel, In Case You Were Sick of My Ramblings

cover by Jim Jamitis, who rocks

So I wrote a novel that you can buy by clicking on literally any of these hyperlinks. It is $2.99, which is the minimum price Amazon will allow me to charge for it, & it is not suitable for the following people:

  • Those under 18
  • My mother
  • Christopher from church 
  • Anybody who’s triggered by detailed accounts of the inside thoughts of a homicidal, oversexed narcissist
  • People who hate laughter

If you are none of the people above, you may purchase & read my first novel at will.

I am already halfway done with my second novel, which will be slightly more palatable for decent folk, particularly Christopher, as there are brief allusions to Common Brithonic (& an even briefer shout out to penguins). I’ll let you know when you can buy that one.

Until then, if you are not banned by the bullet points above, buy The Method.