My First #Novel, In Case You Were Sick of My Ramblings

cover by Jim Jamitis, who rocks

So I wrote a novel that you can buy by clicking on literally any of these hyperlinks. It is $2.99, which is the minimum price Amazon will allow me to charge for it, & it is not suitable for the following people:

  • Those under 18
  • My mother
  • Christopher from church 
  • Anybody who’s triggered by detailed accounts of the inside thoughts of a homicidal, oversexed narcissist
  • People who hate laughter

If you are none of the people above, you may purchase & read my first novel at will.

I am already halfway done with my second novel, which will be slightly more palatable for decent folk, particularly Christopher, as there are brief allusions to Common Brithonic (& an even briefer shout out to penguins). I’ll let you know when you can buy that one.

Until then, if you are not banned by the bullet points above, buy The Method.