Wonderful Things Heard Over the Weekend

  Everybody is better & funnier than me, so I will steal their words & share them out of context & without attribution, as God intended:

“I love my girlfriend. I don’t want to be with anyone else, ever.”

“Is it hot or am I weird?”


Schubert’s “Ave Maria“. For free. But with organ.

Bowie’s “Blackstar“, at least five times.

My sister saying the rosary.

“O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness”

“Nobody hugs Arthur.”

“I said hello to him this morning.”

“I remain correct. Nobody hugs Arthur.”

“Oh, I’ll hug you, Arthur.”

Arthur, hissing at me: “What did you do?

“I got dragged to an Eagles concert when I was a teenager & it was just old people. And cougars. That’s what turned me toward homosexuality.”

“And cougars’ll turn you right back, if you let ’em.”

“What’s the Latin for ‘Fuck it?'”

“Father would know.”

“We got engaged last night!”

“The wait is almost over. The new X-Files is next, after the NFC championship!”

(That last one was a bit of fiction, as there was a game recap, but still.)


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