I’m up, thinking too much. This energy would be great for working on my novel, but it’s nearly 1AM & I have to be at work tomorrow. So here I am, slumming it in a blog post, wondering how much to disclose.

France was alarming. Friends of my friends were affected. Beirut was also besieged, but the media has Middle East fatigue, because someone is always killing someone there. It’s why American news never talks about violence in Chicago any more. But France was just being French, & because they were doing it with peaceful contentment, ISIS wanted to make a statement.

I suppose, if you’re going to make a statement, that’s how you do it. You pick the people least imagined to want to kill you back, then kill them. Well, France is bombing now. So there’s that.

If my thoughts about this seem less than incendiary, it’s because I already have outrage fatigue. Social media lets everybody have the old twenty years of post-event analysis within an hour of an event. We get every yahoo & couch strategists’ hot take simply by looking down at our phone. Salon’s pandering hand wringing and Infowars’ wackadoo conspiracy theories are right in your face, alongside your Uncle Jethro’s jihadi survival guide & your cousin Ember’s condemnation of the west.

I literally just cannot any more. I can’t even word.

Then there’s the backlash to the backlashes. These things used to take years, with several Oscar nominated films, to parse. Now everybody with at least one thumb knows exactly what’s wrong with the world 2 seconds after something happens. And then everybody else tells you why those guys’ opinions suck 2 seconds later.

So now I’m just sitting here wondering what thoughts to confess.

I have decided it shall be none of them. 

I’ll go back to stalking Facebook photo albums now.

Something I recently googled.


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