Hold Me Now…

…sang the Thompson Twins. “Oh warm my heart. Stay with me…” but I’m not singing that laconically over synths. I am screaming it into the darkness. Why?


My face after tonight’s American Horror Story.

American Horror Story: Hotel. Tonight’s episode was particularly cruel & brutal. It was also pretty good. Not as fantastic as last week’s, but pretty good. Horrifying Baby is going to be my new obsession for about two hours.

It’s also a great name for a punk Hanson cover band.

Other than that, today involved a horrifying trip to Target Optical wherein promises I was made on Saturday turned out to be rubbish, & then LA traffic woes, & all the rage that comes with that. 
I was also given an opportunity to fulfill a promise to my mother. I hope that turns out beautiful. I am grateful either way.

I’m going to pull up the covers up over my head & shudder until I fall asleep now, thanks.


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