I’m trying.

I said I’d post something every day. Here is something.



This is a random photo of a goat.

I can’t actually discuss anything today because it was all confidential. 

Oh! I did get to see two friends on TV, on two different shows. I also worked out at a higher intensity than usual, but for a shorter amount of time. I’m trying to find the balance between fibro & strength training, weight loss & injury. I have a super hard time wth that balance.

I talked to a woman who is dating a guy 20 years younger than her, & I am now old enough where that is not skeevy. In fact, it calls for a high five. Remember, if you are single, it doesn’t mean you have no soul mate. He might be a fetus right now. God is making him just for you.

I don’t sleep much any more because I wrestle with intrusive thoughts. They’re not scary or disturbing, just insistent. Many things in my life are up in the air, so I wonder about all the uncertainty. I attach no meaning to the things, so there is no emotional upheaval. I just get caught up in probabilities.

I did not do any NaNo today because TV & work out.

I miss the cats a lot.

I’ve been wondering a lot about fornication, what it means, what is sin, what is biological imperative…. Are we primates bumbling toward seconds of ecstasy that God hopes to elevate, or are we achieving spiritual release? Every excuse could be made here. I want to get to the bottom of that.

I worry about genetic diversity. The male/female for life model seems spiritually more fulfilling, but is an evolutionary disaster. Women really should be selecting diverse, healthy mates. I have lots of theories how this could be achieved, but none are theologically sound.

I sometimes think sex is overated. I often think human interaction is overated. I don’t understand people who like kale.

If I ever hear about Starbucks cups again, I am volunteering for a Mars mission. 

I wish more people respected math. They don’t have to understand it, just respect it. I wish I were less afraid of breaking my sewing machine. I’ve read the instructions three times & they still make no sense. I’m just gonna have to make an attempt. I learn by doing.

I want to make dresses. I will start with skirts.

I keep thinking I’ve forgotten something.

I owe Richard a letter, but that is not the thing I keep thinking I’ve forgotten.

I want to introduce Richard & Christopher because I think they’d become friends. I hope I can still have children. I should never have given up acting.

What do I keep forgetting?


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