Cheese Continues to Be The Answer. Also? Bacon.

My experimentation with items from Trader Joe’s continues to satisfy my every cheesy, gluten free, grain free need with this green bean casserole kicked up a few notches to five thousand & twenty on a scale of 1-100.

Let’s make it!

Preheat your oven to 400 & get out the following:

1/2 bag of cleaned & trimmed green beans

1/2 package of Just Chicken

4 oz bacon cheddar

That’s it!

Take an 8×8 roasting pan & layer the green beans, then the chicken, then crumble the cheese on top. Put in the middle rack of your 400 oven for 30 minutes & voila! Makes two servings adding up to the following nutritional benefits & 322 calories (per one serving):

 Some prep notes:

If you’re like me & have fibromyalgia, or some other neuromuscular thing like MS or what have you, or just have weak hands or are lazy, I don’t chop on bad days. Sometimes a knife is truly dangerous in my hands, & some days it’s like an artist’s brush. But today There Would Have Been Blood.

So the reason I spend a little more for fresh-yet-pre-cleaned green beans & Just Chicken (as opposed to chicken that isn’t already cooked) is so I don’t have to use a knife. I can tear it with my hands if I need it smaller. Or smoosh it, depending on my level of dexterity. Something to think about.

The most important thing is that this is amazing & has 9 net carbs. NINE. But it has no potassium, so figure that out somehow with your other foods.

Make it & post your mods below!

Cheese Is the Answer

Do you want this? Are you on a grain free diet? Behold! I will make your day with this thing I just improvised after a mad dash to Trader Joe’s, land of amazing cheeses.

Here’s the recipe (a bit over 500 calories a serving). Preheat an oven to 400 & then take from the cupboard & fridge:

-1 package chopped butternut squash

-1 can half salt albacore tuna

-2 tablespoons organic mayo

-1/8 tsp garlic powder

-black peppercorns in a grinder (or black pepper to taste)

-4oz carmelized onion cheddar

Tastiness assemble!

Open & drain the can of tuna, then dump into a bowl & stir in the mayo, garlic powder, & a few grinds of pepper.

Now dump the butternut squash into a roasting pan (I used an 8×8). You don’t need to grease! Spoon the tuna mixture over the squash, then crumble the cheese evenly over the top.

Pop this on the middle rack in your 400 oven & pull out after 30 minutes, then eat! Yum! 

This should feed two people (have a salad or something on the side) or one hungry person who hasn’t eaten much during the day (not recommended as this dish is heavy on the Vitamin A, which you must not over do).

Here is the nutrition profile for 1 generous serving:

Tell me what you think when you make this, & any mods you came up with, in the comments below! I never make a recipe without tweaking it, so I assume y’all also personalize. For example, Amelia might substitute chicken for tuna and heavy cream for mayo or she may just light the whole thing on fire & throw it in the trash.