It happened again. I dreamt a thing & then a version of it happened the next day.

I dreamt I was still working at the hospital in Reno, but was stuck in traffic more indicative of Los Angeles than northern Nevada. I moved slowly forward & accidentally bumped a cop car in front of me. My dreams are very real, so I felt the bump (akin to hitting a curb gently when you parallel park) in addition to the adrenaline rush when the cop in the driver’s seat emerged with gun drawn.

I had my window down so I put my hands up & shouted out “Unintentional!” He approached me (very Reno, thick mustache & belly) with the gun still up but said “Good. Exactly the right way to behave.” He lowered the gun slightly & asked me to exit the vehicle.

The two plain clothes officers he was traveling with at this time went through my glove box for my paperwork & patted me down. Meanwhile I was explaining that it was Take Your Cat To Work Day & I was distracted by Neil’s yowling & I was very sorry & felt super stupid. 

One of the plain clothes emerged from the rear of the car with a carrier that contained the yowling Neil. “Take Your Cat to Work Day?”

I shrugged. “It’s not an intelligent department.”

The uni drove my car into the “station” (log cabin) conveniently located right next to the road (where the Hell’s Angel house is in actual Reno, if I remember correctly) & they detained me & asked me some questions while Neil chased some chickens around (even Reno doesn’t have chickens in the police department in reality).

I was apparently so charming & entertaining that they let me go.

Fast forward to my actual driving to work in the real, waking world. Not 500 meters from my house, in a line of abominable LA traffic, my car lurched forward ever so gently. It felt like the engine revved or knocked or something, so I looked for a light on the dash, looked to see if the gear slipped, turned off the radio & air to listen. Nothing.

Idiotically I started looking around the inside of the car to see what caused it, & then I saw my rear view mirror. I had since edged a little forward as the traffic had moved about a meter, and in the mirror was a white Prius, & in the white Prius was a slim young woman in huge sunglasses making wild gestures at her steering wheel. It was interesting enough that I watched her for a while before the light turned green & I was able to finally go. I noted that she was texting while also flailing.

It was about 5 minutes later I realized she had hit me, exactly with the same almost-nothing force that I hit the cop car in my dream. And I had let her go, not because her flail-texting behind the wheel was entertaining, but because I genuinely hadn’t figured out what happened.

When I got to work, I checked the bumper & she hadn’t damaged it at all. I did not notice any damage on her bumper when she was behind me. So that was the strange, short tale of the bump.
I say “again” because the last dream I posted here also came true-ish, in that I was lost in Pasadena (where Christopher lives) in a mall & the surrounding construction looked exactly like the Pirates of the Caribbean construction in the dream. I turned to my sister & said “I have intense déjà vu right now,” & then realized why.

And also because this has been happening to me since I was 9 or 10. But many of you already knew that.


2 thoughts on “Bump

  1. Too strange!

    Yesterday, at around 6 p.m., during rush hour, I bumped someone, too. I was returning from the grocery store via back roads to avoid congestion. The street had stop signs on almost every block. When I reached an intersection with a stop sign, a car was already stopped ahead of me, waiting for the cross traffic to clear. That driver seemed tentative about going across the intersection, missing several good chances to “make his move.”

    I guess I was impatient.

    Anyway, he started up as if he was finally going to cross the intersection. I started up, too, not even lifting my foot all the way off the clutch. But being impatient, instead of watching him ahead of me, I had started looking right and left to gauge the cross-traffic. Well, I guess he lost his nerve, because instead of proceeding across the intersection, he stopped, and I bumped him ever so gently.

    Crap! I stopped and got out. He stopped and got out. He’s obviously an illegal immigrant. We looked at his bumper. It’s had some little dings all over it it, but they all looked like old dings, not new dings. I’m thinking, “This bastard’s gonna make my insurance pay him for the cost of a new bumper.” He said, “No problem. Is okay.” I shook his hand, feeling ashamed, not about bumping him, but about thinking he was going to make my insurance company write him a check. I patted him on the shoulder. “Thanks! I’m so sorry.” I figure he didn’t want to talk to the cops. We both went on our way.


    The whole thing, from the bump to the departure took maybe 20 seconds, tops. I didn’t even look at my bumper until I got home. It was uninjured.Maybe it’s karma: I’ve been rear-ended good by illegal aliens twice in the last ten years and never got compensated one dime. But I still feel a little embarrassed about my initial thought that the guy was going to try to make some money off of our little meet up.

    Oh well, live and learn.

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