Jun 10 2013 Workout

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting workouts. This is because I injured myself due to my own stubborn stupidity. I’ve been walking here & there when I can, but thanks to the miracle of fibromyalgia, it has taken me a loooooong time to recover.

But…I can now walk, bend, & prop myself up on my elbows with less pain than I’ve felt in a while. Although I’m having very unpleasant fibro symptoms today (weakness, lack of coordination, pain in my right arm), I decided to reboot my fitness routine based on a discussion I had a month or so ago with the highly informative Killpundit. I am now doing the same moves (with a couple extra carefully added & instructed new ones) in 15 minute intervals.

Yes, instead of the 30 minutes 3x a week schedule my trainer had me on, I’m going to do 15 minutes every other day. Fibromyalgia lengthens my recovery time significantly, but I still wanted a regular fitness schedule. It made sense to do the same intensity in half the time. Therefore I do less reps & half the exercises, but still have the 30 second cardio bursts in between. I have also added 30 second rest periods, which I was failing to do before. Without a trainer standing over me, I always forget.



As always, don’t do a damned thing without talking to your doctor & learning how to properly execute form first. How did I injure my chest & shoulders? By not heeding my own advice. “Oh, I can do bench dips!” I said, promptly tearing everything around my collar bones & then some. Two months & no pounds lost later, I can finally do stuff with em again.

And don’t even ask about my unfortunate “forgetting to count squats” incident & what that did to my chronic gluteal TRP. Yeah, there was no sexy walk for a while, unless you consider lurping about sexy. Weirdo.


2 thoughts on “Jun 10 2013 Workout

  1. I’ve missed you. I miss your accounts of recovery. I know… I’ve had “fibro-fog” for so long, I can’t remember a single good day. Keep up the writing, it helps me – and a lot of others with fibro – see that we can live vicariously through your recovery. It make one feel better knowing that we’re not in this fight alone.

    • kelliejane says:

      Kevin, I’m so glad you commented. Sometimes I wonder if working on my fibro book is self indulgent, but I keep being told (by friends) that it will give people hope & help them laugh at this condition. Hearing that others find my writing encouraging reminds me to get over my fear & just finish editing the damned thing & get it out there. Thank you 🙂

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