Quick Faux Thai for Neuromuscular Happiness


This is the laziest healthful recipe for one yet. You ready? It will blow your mind how good this is, how much nutrient bang you get for your buck, & how unbelievably shamefully lazy I am.

-like a handful of cooked chicken
-a steamer or frozen bag of sugar snap peas
-extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil
-grated or squeeze-tube ginger
-salt to taste

Heat up the chicken. I usually make an entire bag of frozen breasts in the crockpot each week (throw in a handful of peeled garlic cloves, set for 10 hours, & walk away). What with the weather changes, my fibro’s been awful wiggy, so I just got a bag of Tyson’s frozen fully cooked chicken breast slices. Shut up. I know it’s “processed”, but as processed foods go, it’s fairly clean. Don’t get the chunks as they’re heinous. Get the strips.

Prepare the sugar snap peas according to the directions on the bag. Now combine the chicken & peas in a bowl & dump a teaspoon to a tablespoon of coconut oil on top. Let it melt, then add the ginger & salt. Toss it all together & eat it.

As I make all my recipes on a whim, I was not prepared for how very Thai this would turn out. It’s lovely. One day I might add lemon grass.

If you’re endurance training, add some brown rice. If you’re muscle building like me, it’s fine as is.

Coconut oil and ginger are both wonderful for neuromuscular & digestive issues. I am on a tablespoon-of-coconut-oil-a-day regimen, & this is the most delicious way I’ve found to accommodate that. I normally melt it in coffee or chai tea, but this is better. I’m pretty sure it’s my standard lunch from now on.

You can google why coconut oil & ginger are good for your nervous system & gut, or you can just eat it & reap the benefits. I’m not your mother or your secretary, though for a nominal fee I could pretend to be either. Don’t make it weird, though.

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