Feb 21 2013 Workout


I have been doing push ups, squats, & sit ups throughout the week, but as y’all know from my fibro blog, I’ve been flaring & have not been able to be consistent. I only intended to do 20 minutes today, but, well…30 minutes later, here we are:


I did a “warm up” walking around the grocery store & The Vitamin Shoppe with a basket. The remaining minutes of weighted walking were with an 18 lb kettle bell in between each set because I wasn’t feeling joggy. As you can see, I did sets with more reps, except for my sit ups, as my failure was 20 today. That is sad. But you do what you can.

The bicep curls were done with me standing on my lightest resistance band. I figure that about equals 10 lbs, but that last set felt like 20lbs. It’ll probably take me a week to make up for fibroflare weakness.

The 2 minutes of yoga was downward dog, cat pose, & cobra for 20 breaths each. My muscles & connective tissues have been frightfully tight, so I needed it.


2 thoughts on “Feb 21 2013 Workout

  1. Tony Rancont says:

    My wife learned this the hard way. She has some issues that a specialist surgeon said placed her in very high risk to treat as things were. He wanted her to drop some weight before thinking about operating, to help reduce some of the risk.

    Several months later, she decides that she will finally get serious about changing how she does things (I try to be as supportive as possible, but since she works days, and I work nights, weekends are the only family time where she, I, and our two little monsters are all together at the same time). She has tried, unsuccessfully to use (not sure what your policy is about brand names on your blog, so I’ll just say) a points-based weight loss program several times in the past, to no real, lasting effect.

    She found My Fitness Pal (I saw it mentioned in a couple of your posts, so I feel okay naming THEM), changed, and truth be told is still changing, her eating habits, and started using some, let’s say walking fitness DVDs.

    Over the past three weeks, she has lost 8 pounds, and has slowly been moving up in intensity in the DVD routines. Then the severe pain started.

    Her increasing physical activity actually exacerbated the problem she is doing all of this to lose weight to address.

    One visit to the ER and one night in the hospital for observation later, Doc says to keep the workouts low impact and as simple as possible

    Long story short (I know, too late, right) she now knows to take the workouts slow, at least until the surgery she needs (now it has been decided it will be done risks or not, sooner rather than later) is done.

    To make sure you are doing the right exercise for what you want to do, definitely see what a doc says.

    Pain does not always equal gain.

    • kelliejane says:

      Absolutely. I’m glad she’s following a doc’s advice while keeping as active as she can. If you look back at my previous fitness posts about my battle w/ fibromyalgia, you’ll see it took me years to work up from walking 2 mins a day to doing 30 mins of strength training. Even now there are weeks where I really can only do 1 set of a few things.

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