Work Out With Me!

Now that I’m trainerless for a couple of months, I figured I’d come up with a new way to be accountable. I’ve lost 23 pounds and 4″ off all my measurements so far, and ain’t nobody stopping this train! Its last stop is death, so let’s ride this steam driven bitch together.

I will post my work outs each time I do them. You can follow along, do them too (talk to a doctor first), ask questions…whatever! It’s like our own class, but with more swearing and whatever music you have at home.

My trainer Chris taught me some great ways to use my home equipment. I have an 18lb kettle bell, a 6lb medicine ball, & 3 resistance bands of varying toughness. Because MyFitnessPal doesn’t exactly account for all that, I’ve had to approximate some of my entries. MFP doesn’t calculate calories for strength training, so it doesn’t have to be exact. Enter the approximate move into your favourite tracker app.

My trainer likes timing stuff rather than counting reps. I am a counter because I like keeping track of what I can do. You pick whatever works for you, but you must do 30 continuous minutes. I get bored, so I do a lot of stuff. You can pick two or three exercises if you like to work specific areas each day.

Start with 5 minutes of cardio to warm up. I use a recumbent bike on a moderate setting. Then I did this:


In between every two sets, do 30 seconds of intense cardio. This can translate to 25 jumping jacks or 30 seconds of running in place or marching in place if you’re worried about impact. I like to run.

Let me repeat that:

I like to run.

Yeah, I know, right??

The lunges are new to me so I do them wall assisted. I’ll let y’all know when I work up to the traveling kind. My balance is getting better, but it’s still pretty disabled-girl-ish.

Always stop if something hurts, if you feel weakness, or if you’ve dropped equipment on your face. Which I have done. This is not recommended.


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