ostensibly angelic.

Ravie Slave, aka Fugue Satori, aka Michelle Floyd, died this weekend in Seattle 2:30 AM Saturday. She turned 30 this year. She was a burning inferno of existence & she treated language & musical notes like her little bitches. She played, danced, sang & laughed & bitched up a storm & I loved her. I don’t understand.

I can hear her in my head. This is a typical conversation between myself & her, either on the phone or Facebook, but she’s part of God’s house band now, assuming she hasn’t insisted on braiding feathers into His beard, so she’s talking to me a little differently.

She starts: “DOOOOOOD. You were right. This is so brill.”

“Are you adjusted yet, short thang?”

“I’m twirling. Twirling twirling. I’ve already pissed off a few people w/ the twirling & whatnot, but I can’t HELP MYSELF. DO YOU HEAR ME I’M TWIRLING & I HAVE NO PAIN. Oh, & my mom is here. We had a talk. She’s sorry. We then twirled together. That’s how it is, yo.”

“Nobody in Heaven is pissed. You’re imagining things, dawg.”

“Homie, you don’t even know. You said I’d try the patience of a saint and I DID. I straight up tried their patience. I was all up in that. It was tits.”

“It’s Heaven, so they wanted you to think they were angry. You’re such an Aries.”

“Takes one to know one, bitch mama. Hey, you remember the story I wrote when I was 18? It was called…”

“…yes, yes, ‘Would Jesus Fuck You?’ And?”

“Dude. He totally would not.”

“Well DUH.”

“I KNOW! I was 18. What do you want from me?”

“To know why you died. Why now? Why so soon?”

“Aww, Fire Mama, it’s not like that. You know that. You totes know that.”

“I know, Kitten.”

“Aww. So that one time when I went into your dream & beat you on the head?”

“Oy vey, yes.”


“Oh. Fantastic.”

“I won’t hit you this time. We’ll twirl.”

“That works for me, weirdo.”

“*tee hee*”

So yeah.

I miss her.


21 thoughts on “ostensibly angelic.

  1. Morgan says:

    I filled out this form to make a comment, but I have nothing to actually say. I’m really upset. I’m in the middle of doing the whole “should I have done something different” thing.

  2. chuckster54 says:

    That is very good thanks for sharing

  3. john F. Holdforth says:

    That may be one of the sweetest eulogiesi I’ve ever read. Thank you.

  4. SCVegan says:

    I am sad to hear about your friend. G-d only picks flowers, and she sounds like a beautiful one.

  5. Paul Lloyd says:

    Thanks for making me smile KJ.

    Conversations with Raven were always entertaining and usually lasted hours (as I’m sure you know).

    I miss her terribly. I’m sure she would have said “dick fiddles” at some point too. She said that a lot. 🙂

  6. Duck Thomas says:

    KJ, you’ve always had this knack for capturing the vocie of all of us shuntians–from Alan’spiece Theater to this lovely bit. She’d written me on soundcloud a few times, and I told her if it came to it, she could stay with me at my then-empty house. I never heard back, but that was her, too. She’d disappear for a few days or weeks then she was back, in her full-on pansty way. That I never got to find out what was really going on with her, stings a bit. Y’all have known this for over a month–I found out Yesterday. Does no one send messages anymore? Admittedly, I’ve been internet-inactive for awhile…but this is something I would have liked to have heard from someone else, rather than just stumbling across it while clearing out old email. Not angry at anyone–just the situation. I SO wish I could’ve helped…

    • kelliejane says:

      Honey I’m so sorry you found out this way. We were all talking about it in the usual places. Do I have your current ph# to text?

      • Duck Thomas says:

        You personally may not. Things have been seriously sketchy for the last few years, but it IS on my facebook profile. As I said, I missed the discussions as originally happened, because of the way MSN kind of makes you work backwards. Just kind of stumbled across it, really, and a month too late. It’s ok…I don’t expect to have been the first thought, nor even the last, but …this is really kind of devastating to just walk into. As it surely would have been even if I’d been in the proverbial ‘loop’. I found a demo CD of her stuff just a few days before I found out, and…makes it that much more, y’know? Are there any details? Do you know how it went down at all? What exactly led up? There’s no mention that I’ve found about…well. I have my assumptions, but I’d like some facts. Was there a funeral? An Obit? Did anyone but Shunt care? Things I’d like to know…

      • Paul Lloyd says:

        Duck, the news broke through a Facebook post to her page. Still can’t believe it. I expect KJ knows as much as I do about it all but I am happy to share what I do know if you’d like to drop me an e-mail to aeonflow@gmail.com. Even now, details are sketchy at best and there are many questions unanswered.

  7. Alex says:

    I came here because I wanted to go to Ravie’s facebook and tell her I loved and missed her for the millionth time. But its been deactivated. I know it couldn’t have lasted forever but still. I saw a bra on pinterest that made it look like there was a spider web over the woman’s breasts and her nipples were spiders. I thought- Michelle would have loved that! So two years on and no one twirls like her. Thanks for letting me say it here. xxxx

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