This conversation just happened in the car on the way back from Mexicali, wherein I had consumed vast quantities of guacamole, iced tea, & hot fudge. I’m also trying to get used to my new glasses, which is a study in perspective issues because I’ve worn naught but contacts for the past 4 years.

Because I experience synesthesia, it’s difficult for me to hear when I also have trouble seeing. I’m also partly deaf in one ear so…you can see where this is going. My brain shut down.

This exchange begins w/ Tabs:
“This is not faster. Why aren’t they going faster?”


“Signals are typically more useful when deployed before the lane change.”


“What are you laughing at?”

“You’re funny.”

“These people are idiots.”


“Now what is this guy doing? Is he turning? We are breaking and now we are turning, maybe? Oh, what is he DOING?”

“It’s the Persephone of minivans.”

“And now we are going. And now we are breaking. Come on, little car. Speed up.”

“Now we are going.”

“And now there is a bus.”


“Why is there a bus? What is it doing?”


“But what is it doing?”

“There was a time in my life where I said ‘bus’ a lot.”

“But what is it…oh, of course it’s turning. And why are YOU making a U turn?! People are stupid!”


“Yes, bus. Ohmigod you know what we should do?”

“Bus. What?”

“We should have a food truck & call it the Boba Bus!”

“BOBA BUS! BOBA! Bus!” *peels of giggling*

“Boba Bus!”

“Boba! Bus!” *giggling*


“Bus.” *cackling*

“I’m not sure why you keep laughing.”

*disturbed cackling*

“I’m not that funny.”

*punctuated, disturbed cackling*

“It’s not so much the amount that you’re laughing so much as the manner in which you are laughing.”

*louder, highly sinister cackling*


We’ve now parked & got out. We ascend the stairs to our home, at which point I say “Each stair seems to get taller. But then they feel the same. It’s too weird.”

That’s the weird part?”

And scene.

I have no idea why I chose to share this with you.


2 thoughts on “Bus

  1. Its a horrible feeling switching to glasses. I fell off my porch because I thought I had more porch than I had. 🙂

  2. Tracy Cabe says:

    I am glad you did. freaking hilarious!

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