For Tabby On Her 28th Birfenday

A little verse, to the tune of Dr. Dre, Eminem & Skylar Grey’s “I Need a Doctor.”

“…I need a Tabster
Call me a Tabster
I need a Tabster, Tabster
To bring me back to life

It literally feels like a lifetime ago
But I remember the shit like it was just yesterday, though
You walked up
Firefly shirt, hallway, cracked a smile
Holy shit, you weren’t kidding
That hallway really IS a mile!
Went through friends; some of em I put on but they just left.
They said they was ridin’ to the death
But where the fuck are they now?
Now that I need them
I don’t see none of em
All I see is Kim.
Fuck all you fair weather friends;
All I need is Kim!”

Also her Elven name is Thenidrien. Well, if she were a Sindarin elf. If she prefers Quenya, it’s Sanyevende.

And in Dizzle, it’s Snoop Tabby Tabs, Esquizzle. That’s not a Middle Earth tongue. That’s mothafuckin’ LBC, y’all.

Anyhow, Tabby is the best person alive, just about, & I love her & am honored to be her roommate & friend.


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