Touching Strangers

Today I was told “If I had gotten up this morning & written down my absolute perfect day, I could NOT have written anything even as cool as this…asking you questions & listening to your answers. Your stories from your life. You can’t come fold shirts and NOT talk. Why didn’t you talk earlier?”

If I had woken up this morning & written down the perfect compliment, I could not have come up with that.

I never thought of my life as interesting. It’s just…my life. Anyhow that guy was cool & I hope to see him again. He said he gets froyo near my work, so it’s likely. I asked him stuff but he never answered. I still have no idea what he does. He’s probably a rock star or a comic book writer.

One day I’ll write all that stuff down for you. But only the things that are mine. I don’t write about others unless they want me to, & in Los Angeles, most people just want to enjoy their days in privacy. I’m the same way, which is why any stories told are oral, & about Jesus mostly I guess.


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