Mysterious Invite

Dear Whomever Invited Me To See Your Private Blog,

I received an email from WordPress letting me know I’d been invited to see your blog. I will not name it here, as you clearly wished to keep that info private & I respect that wish. I do note that the name of it was clearly meant to get my attention.

I clicked on the link, but I’ve not been sent a username or password to see your blog. Therefore, I am currently unable to view it.

I am very anxious to do so, as you took the trouble to make it. However I’m also somewhat concerned that you might be someone who is legally bound from contacting me. Therefore, if you are simply a kind person who is not trying to get around that, please let me know ASAP so I don’t, ya know, freak out.

Thanks, & sorry that I had to communicate in this way. Since you needed my WordPress name to send the email from there, I figure you must read this blog.

Thanks, I think,



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