Touching Strangers

Today I was told “If I had gotten up this morning & written down my absolute perfect day, I could NOT have written anything even as cool as this…asking you questions & listening to your answers. Your stories from your life. You can’t come fold shirts and NOT talk. Why didn’t you talk earlier?”

If I had woken up this morning & written down the perfect compliment, I could not have come up with that.

I never thought of my life as interesting. It’s just…my life. Anyhow that guy was cool & I hope to see him again. He said he gets froyo near my work, so it’s likely. I asked him stuff but he never answered. I still have no idea what he does. He’s probably a rock star or a comic book writer.

One day I’ll write all that stuff down for you. But only the things that are mine. I don’t write about others unless they want me to, & in Los Angeles, most people just want to enjoy their days in privacy. I’m the same way, which is why any stories told are oral, & about Jesus mostly I guess.

Space, The Stalled Frontier

My Twitter timeline is filled with people lamenting the end of the shuttle era, with no space program in sight to replace it.

You guys keep forgetting that Area 51 houses the nigh miraculous Space Barge, that will safely transport important Americans from Earth. Inexplicably, persons on that list include Tim Pawlenty & Bravo Andy.

The Space Barge is powered with a combination of Keystone Light & children’s wishes. The United States Science Corps has been working on this secret formula since 1977, when it was learned the Russians were *this* close to a vodka-powered wormhole generator. Thankfully for the US space program, Russians drink vodka, but nobody drinks Keystone Light. And children’s wishes remain our most potent natural resource.

President Obama has promised that the Space Barge program is also supplemented by the truly astounding matter transmogrification program, which to Star Trek fans would seem much like a transporter. The President has bravely volunteered to test this himself, which is why he is now frequently late to his own press briefings. It is not…perfected.

You know what? I can’t even keep this up any more. I’m too pissed off. Yes, Bush ended the shuttle program, but Obama scrapped a replacement. So now what?

Please vote for someone who gives a damn about American ingenuity in 2012, America. You want jobs? LET’S INVENT SOMETHING. Spring up an industry. Nobody has any ideas? Seriously?

Update: Please see Chris Barnhart’s comments below for NASA’s private sector developments. There’s hope at the end of an era.

Mysterious Invite

Dear Whomever Invited Me To See Your Private Blog,

I received an email from WordPress letting me know I’d been invited to see your blog. I will not name it here, as you clearly wished to keep that info private & I respect that wish. I do note that the name of it was clearly meant to get my attention.

I clicked on the link, but I’ve not been sent a username or password to see your blog. Therefore, I am currently unable to view it.

I am very anxious to do so, as you took the trouble to make it. However I’m also somewhat concerned that you might be someone who is legally bound from contacting me. Therefore, if you are simply a kind person who is not trying to get around that, please let me know ASAP so I don’t, ya know, freak out.

Thanks, & sorry that I had to communicate in this way. Since you needed my WordPress name to send the email from there, I figure you must read this blog.

Thanks, I think,