Female + Twitter = Dodgy DMs

I’ve not done any investigative reporting for Pundit League or any other site in re: WeinerGate for one simple reason:

I’m a girl. I’ve been on Twitter over two years. I know exactly what happened.

If you are female & on Twitter & follow back at least 3 men, you have received a naughty DM whether you provoked it or not. I follow back over 900 people, so do the math. The reason I do not follow back all 1948 people who follow me is because, at some point in the past year, I learned that some people are freaking psychopaths. Folk have to earn my trust now before I allow them to DM me. It’s a sad & simple fact.

Of the 900+ I continue to follow back, I’ve received some very, very naughty DMs. Some were harmless joke flirting from friends who know my sense of humor like the inside of their own right palm. Some were drunken mistakes that I forgave (or continue to forgive). Some were over the top and pretty vile, & those folks got unfollowed or blocked.

Once or twice, I’ve received photos, & reminded those gentlemen that no DMd photo is private. They show up in your Twitpic or Yfrog public stream & then BOOM, they’re on teh interwebs forever. These days if a drunk lonely friend is DMing me some nasties, I try to stave off the inevitable photo post by reminding him before he does it.

If I’m close enough w/ someone, they can always text me. I’m only *that* close to one (maybe two?) folks on Twitter. I have also willfully participated in truly filthy DMing w/ a select group of those, like, two people. So I’m not here to proclaim victimhood. DMing with boys can be fun.

On more than one occasion, a gentleman has been DMing me for hours only to accidentally post extremely personal information to his public timeline by accident. This has been anything from incidentals about his genitalia to his phone number. It happens. I once accidentally posted a really cryptic but worrying piece of information to my public timeline that caused a really bizarre flurry of speculation amongst fans. One of things I love about Twitter for iPhone is that it makes accidentally sending DM to the public timeline almost impossible.

Congressmen Weiner is doing the exact same song & dance one of my DMers did after he was found out. My DMer just happened to not be a public figure. But he *was*, it turns out, married.

If Nicole Gennette *was* the intended recipient, she did the same classy thing all we DMd women do…let it go. Sadly, Rep. Weiner did not. What’s worse than a married congressman DMing his schlong to a young woman on a lonely night?

Lying about it. A lot. Making things worse for her.

No theories here, folks. I didn’t even have to use clairsentience to sort this one out. Pure experience, listening, & seeing.

So no, guys, I won’t be outing any of you for your dirty DMs. But if you fuck one up & drag my name into the news doing it, I will not protect your dumb ass. Ok, I probably would. Never mind.


44 thoughts on “Female + Twitter = Dodgy DMs

  1. Rob Tomorrow says:

    There is only one problem with your assessment, Rep Weiner didn’t tweet or post that photo, Dan Wolfe and his crazy right wing cohorts did, if you had done any digging at all you would know that. Intuition is seldom reliable information.

    • captkirk says:

      Let’s bring in the FBI to catch the Hacker. That should clear the whole thing up…..No wait!

    • Kimberly says:

      Too bad Rep Weiner doesn’t agree with you, since after his initial jokey “Hack!” tweet, he hasn’t gotten law enforcement involved, hasn’t gone after any “crazy right wing” folks, and hasn’t even straight-up denied doing this. He’s jumped this way and that, joking one day, calling the cops on a reporter the next, and at times straight up lying about what he Tweeted when. His actions since the event speak volumes, and that’s not just intuition. The theories I’ve heard of the alleged hacking are the most convoluted, desperate attempts to show someone else possibly could have did this.

      But getting confused on Twitter and sending a dicpic to the world instead of a cute chick? That’s human nature, and much more likely to be the truth here.

    • Michael says:

      You’re in denial, Rob. Get your head out of the left wing sand and look around.

      • Rob Tomorrow says:

        Here is a link to a summary of what is known so far.
        The only thing that makes this story interesting is the twists and turns. I have nothing to deny.

        Truth is stranger that fiction, as they say, and journalistic sleuthing is more reliable than a woman’s intuition.

      • sunnygirl says:

        Again with the pretzil logic This is all cleared up when the Congressman files a police report.

        Which he won’t do cuz he is making up a story.

      • Rob Tomorrow says:

        And here is a new twist the photo in question was posted Upside Down!


        No denying it.

        Very peculiar

      • sunnygirl says:

        Again Rob….the congressman just needs to file a police report or contact the FBI and all is resolved.. No more questions no more upside down pictures

    • Jim Treacher says:

      Aw, look. It’s a rube.

    • melanerpes says:

      Partisan propaganda is seldom reliable either, and you seem to have swallowed some. Hook, line, and sinker.

  2. Douglas says:

    I will be following and DM ing you soon.

  3. sunnygirl says:

    Rob–If he was hacked then he would call the police and FBI and Patriot would be arrested and Wiener vindicated. Simple. So why doesn’t he do this?? He can’t because he wasn’t hacked and he would be filing a false police report.

    Rob try again

    • Rob Tomorrow says:


      Dan Wolf was the first and only one to see and get screen caps of the photo

      Dan Wolf aka PatriotUSA76 in his own words “hates Weiner” via instant message interview.

      Dan Wolf and Mike Stark aka goatsred had been harassing female followers of Rep Weiner for over a month.

      Dan Wolf “predicted” that Rep Weiner would be caught in a emailed photo sex scandal before it happened.

      It has been demonstrated that posting a photo to someones yFrog account is relatively easy..

      The photo in question’s meta-data shows that the photo was not taken with the same device as other photos on Rep Weiner’s yFrog account.

      Mike Stark has been identified and he is hardly the type of person most parents would feel comfortable with dating their daughter And he admits being the source of the rumor that Rep Wiener would be hit with a sex scandal at Dan Wolfs prompting.

      NO female follower of Rep Weiner, minor, porn star or otherwise has come forth to claim she received inappropriate messages or photos from Rep Weiner. .To the contrary every female follower contacted by the media has stated that she has never received inappropriate messages from Rep Weiner.

      I could go on but I have things to do.

      • sunnygirl says:

        Glad you have things to do. You can keep trying your pretzel logic but it all comes down to Wiener filing a police report about a criminal hack. And further, by your statement above, the cyber stalkers out to get him.

        File the report. If I am wrong and you are right so be it. But he can settle this in about five minutes.

      • melanerpes says:

        You allow the identity of the source of information to completely occlude your comprehension of it. Herding instinct.

  4. Tamara Smith says:

    I thank God every day that I’m married to a man who hates cell phones and computers!

  5. turk281 says:

    Liberals are very good at protests – sit ins, be ins, dirty hippie drum circles.

    I suggest they go on a hunger strike until Weiner is cleared. They can call it Hungry for Weiner.

  6. […] Simple explanation: I’m a girl. I’ve been on Twitter over two years. I know exactly what happened. . . […]

  7. Good Lt. says:

    Um…rob…they RETWEETED it from Weiner’s feed. IT CAME FROM WEINER’S TWITTER ACCOUNT.

    This is really getting pathetic.

  8. Peter says:

    If Rep. Weiner did not post the picture of his underwear-clad wiener he would have called the cops. He did not call the cops. He went the private security thing which means that nothing will come out that Rep. Weiner does not want to come out. Why? Why would he spend his own money when the FBI would investigate for free?

    Sorry. If it were Breitbart or Wolfe or the vast right wing conspiracy the FBI would be involved. Weiner simply is afraid to answer the questions from the FBI, knowing that getting caught lying to that bunch is bad news.

  9. Oh, also, my wife is on twitter. So if you want pics of my ween, you gotta ask her. #youdontwantpicsofmyween #trustme

  10. Toby Tucker says:

    Your argument does make sense, but Rep Weiner isn’t just “some guy”. You’d think someone as prominent as him would be a little bit leery of “sexting” his female followers on Twitter. Unless he somehow thought that he was so important and influential that nothing would or could go wrong with this activity. (Could he really think he was the “Chosen One”?)

    I’m thinking this is hardly the one and only time this took place. It’s no wonder he hasn’t submitted this to the authorities. If the FBI or the Capital Police were to look into this, they would find a whole history of him sending and receiving lewd messages with any number or young women. This really explains his weird behavior in trying to brush this under the rug.

    What do you think? Was this a one time occurrence or did this misstep shine a light on a long ongoing pattern of depravity?

  11. Xenaclone says:

    I guess I’m not getting naughty or filthy DMs from guys cos I’m married. Bummer 😦

    Well, the weiner in question wasn’t naked, nor was it erect [from what I have heard]. A friend who did see it said she’d seen similar pictures on billboards advertising gents’ undies. [See David Beckham’s underwear advert ].

    Okay, the fella should not have been posting pix of his lunchbox to anyone other than his wife/girlfriend/lover. Bad, naughty puppy.

    Also on Twitter, I’ve seen feeds from [very] soft porn accounts featuring cleavage or rear shots of women in thongs. They earn a block, coz that’s not my thing and I personally think it’s inappropriate.

    My question [humor alert!]. Was #Weinergate just a flash in the pants?

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  13. Kevin says:

    Hey, why don’t you follow me @tinybulge? Crud, my twitter name probably already answers the question :(.

  14. Westie says:

    Weiner is Guilty! Next?

  15. […] Kellie Jane said that it is actually not so unusual for guys to do what Weiner is accused of doing. I was skeptical: “What’s up with guys getting drunk and tweeting their junk? Is it really that common?” […]

  16. […] know either.  Apparently, it is not uncommon in Twitterworld to receive drunken d+++Tweets.  Who knew?AskMen.com has even published a primer on “sexting etiquette.”  There is a video. That’s […]

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  18. sunnygirl says:

    Ahhh more info–According to Ace of Spades, all congressmen’s tweets are followed and archived. One by the Library of Congress and two by TweetCongress.org. Which uses Tweetdeck software to do this. So Wiener’s got a problem as the alleged hacker would have to know his twitter password and his tweetdeck password

    • Rob Tomorrow says:

      Its not over till the Fat Lady sings.

      • sunnygirl says:

        Well the fat lady –skinny boy–has sung. Vindicated.

        I don’t say that with glee but sadness. So many people bent over backwards to try and defend or posit possible scenarios that the guy was innocent. Why? Because he’s a Democrat? just wow.

    • Rob Tomorrow says:

      Yes he sung, I was wrong to state categorically that he didn’t post the photo. I basically felt he was innocent until proven guilty. It was not just because he is a Democrat, it was because there was very suspicious behavior on the part of those who were calling him out.

      The facts that I listed above still hold true and Patriot and co.. are still creeps.

      • kelliejane says:

        Thank for you for acknowledging the truth, Rob. But just because he was a Democrat? Really? Were you not around for Newt & co?

      • “I basically felt he was innocent until proven guilty. ”
        “and Patriot and co.. are still creeps.”

        I love the smell of burning synapses in the morning. Smells like . . . blame shifting.

    • Rob Tomorrow says:

      “Were you not around for Newt & co?”

      I don’t understand your question.

      Do you mean Newt Gingrich?

      I don’t remember him creating sock puppets on Twitter, did he?

  19. Mo says:

    Some guys on Twitter think with their dong, politicians or not; drunk or sober. They get horny just looking at your avatar! Pathetic!

  20. kevinbsnyder says:

    I really did not think it was that common. I am feeling rather naive right now lol … a new meaning for “junk email” I guess …

  21. What’s up, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.
    Keep on posting!

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