Single Broad

Power is sketchy in Los Angeles’ odd rainy quasiapocalypse, so I thought I’d write some crappy poetry while the phone can actually charge.

The finite days of my life stretch out before me without foreseeable end
What is the use without the time when I am for you
Why else exist but to prepare
For when at need you call me
And I ease the passage of your time with quiet watches or cheerful musings
And prepare the hour of your greatness with bravery & unquestionable love?
When you come to me I will leave it all
A cocoon I’ll shed of this preparatory existence
My past of errors and lessons will I use to serve you wholly
And made to do your bidding will I absorb in full
As only God can know where you are waiting
And how you’ll recognize my heart I cannot tell
I pray you comprehend it when you see me
And in your heart will know it fully well
For I am not well versed in understanding
How these things appear to well trained minds
I flail & wonder where the light is streaming
From a distance patch of warmth I’m ill equipped to note and find
And why does this now have a rhyming scheme
When earlier it seemed as prose to come
It’s probably because I’m very silly
I hope you never mind that I am on occasion really, REALLY dumb.


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