Thursday At ComicCon 2010: The Day the 3G Died

See Day One here.

I forgot to tell you that Preview Night was ended with Pinkberry. I had the watermelon with a ton of fruit…OMG. SO good. Bailey got vanilla and Sara said “Now don’t load it up with junk; get some fruit” so Bailey got brownies, chocolate chips, something fudgey, and a couple of strawberries. It was bigger than her head. She still slept better than any of us.

Day Two at ComicCon for me was Day One for those who did not have preview night passes. It’s also a blur. Much of the first part of my day was defined by the vagueness of texts (“I’m next to the thing!”) or the utter inability to send and receive them. But I get ahead of myself.

The magic of ComicCon Thursday begins, as it should, with bacon.

Bacon is gluten free. All hail meat!

This little meal got me through the entirety of Thursday. That is correct; this is all I ate the whole day save one Lara Bar. I understand this is normal for ComicCon, &, having celiac, I was prepared for the bleak possibility that there would be no gluten-free noms around the floor. Bruce Campbell throwing money at random people and one little cashew cookie Lara Bar took me through the next day. But I get ahead of myself.

This meal is also when Bailey (@littlechuckfan) discovered the banana phone. She had a riveting conversation. We were also playing a game, guessing the likelihood that various other hotel patrons were going to ComicCon. This started yesterday before the bags & tags were distributed at Preview Night, but continued easily as we saw no lack of pasted down hair, eyebrows from Hades, bad glasses and ironic t-shirts.  ComicCon is indeed stereotype city on steroids, my friends.

Next we hiked on down to the convention center. It was now three times crazier than the night before, and there were scantily clad chicks on the corner beforehand giving out flyers to things people were already going to see anyhow. Do the folks behind this flaccid marketing scheme not realize that everybody there has already grabbed and highlighted a program, even if they’ve also got the app on their iPhone? It was a greenie’s nightmare of tossed cards. I saved mine because they make great bookmarks. You know, the times when I didn’t successfully pretend to not have arms.

So we get there and Sara (@radi8n), Bailey, & Jen (@hokie98jj) want to do the White Collar panel. The White Collar panel is hours from our time of arrival, but the line is LONG. I take them to the front of the line, which is approximately 1.2 miles away from wherever I was supposed to meet Christi (@christikassity). I also have no idea what I’m doing that day. I had planned to explore the exhibition floor and get into whatever I could get into, not having a clue that you wait in line for a room and then stay there until you see the thing you want.

This is where Twitter comes in handy. I sent something to the effect of:  “Hi, I am at ComicCon. I don’t know what to do or why I am doing it. Please DM me your cell so we can text & you can make me have fun.” Larry (@EVERY1TALKS) is my first taker. “I’m in line,” he says. I then get a DM from Mal (@chuckmemondays). He tells me Michael (@PrezOfBuymoria) is also at ComicCon and to say hi. I DM him my cell number and receive a text saying “I am in line.” At this point I have not gotten in touch with Christi, so I head to the Browncoats booth, as is my want. During this trek, which is something like 7/8th of a mile, I get more texts from Larry and Michael updating me as to their status in line.

I think this is when I met up with Lynn and Jen (@jenskijen).  Jen is from Australia. She is the infamous Browncoat who traveled the United States via the kindness of numerous American Browncoats. She was able to stay over with peeps from all over the country, and not one of them a creeper. Those are some big damn heroes. Lynn wanted to obtain something bacon related to cheer up Dwight (@nodgarb) because his ComicCon had started out not so ComicConny. Somehow this plan fell through and we ended up waiting with Lynn to get books signed instead, which was delightful as that line was quieter and cooler and there were no crazy people. Lynn, Jen & I had a nice chat, and then I got a text from Katy (@ktbeeper) saying she is with Annie (@anniemcbeth) asking me if I wanted Starbucks.

HELLS YES I wanted Starbucks! I never turn down iced tea.

I’d already had the pleasure of Katy’s company several times, as she lives in my Mum’s current town and is a freakin’ super doll. I was excited to meet Annie and had heard so much about her sunny personality. As I parted ways with Lyn & Jen to find Katy, Annie, and the iced Earl Grey, I actually bumped into Katy who happened to be heading in the opposite direction as me. I heard Annie say “There she is!” and then there I was, nearly killing them both at my usual breakneck speed. I gave hugs to both, gratefully accepted the tea, and then we stepped outside so I could go charm a cigarette from either a poor unsuspecting nerd or a hipster douche press guy. This time it was someone that I thought might be a charming nerd, but oozed a bit of hipster douchery.

We all went over to the Death Star window area so I could calm my frazzled nerves with nicotine and caffeine. Yes, Lyn & Jen were calming, but ComicCon for people like me is like Fruity Oaty tots whispering “Miranda” in my ear all day long. MUST. NOT. KILL EVERYBODY. ARGH! So I was calmer, but I could always be calmer. I made sure to blow smoke away from the innocents. Annie has an unbelievably delightful laugh that I just wanted to hear more and more of, so I probably was a little more “on” than usual.

Those of you who smoked at ComicCon know what the Death Star window is. I am loathe to share its location with everyone else, as it is precious to me, and I buy it with a great pain. No, actually, it’s just very popular and I like popping my fat hiney on there to have a break from all the noise and nerd-air. It’s also a great place to watch cosplayers tame their nicobeasts and get back into character before strutting about the place.

Meanwhile I was getting texts from people telling me that they were still in line.

I also got a text from Christi. “I am getting my handicap pass for my ankle. I will meet you by Ballroom 20.” So the next 20 minutes are me missing Christi near Ballroom 20. I haven’t quite mastered the “stay in one place and keep a look out” rule of being found, so I tend to just cover a lot of territory, which I call the “pointless hamster method of searching”. Eventually, through a series of texts with hints like “Near the Mrs Fields thing, but not”, we found each other.

Handicapped persons are supposed to have attendees, and I’ve been doing that since my brother was born, so I was totally on board with being Christi’s helper. Unlike my brother, she would never need to be on a leash. We got me all official and then Christi said she was working Ballroom 20 pretty much all day for Buddy TV, so I ended up in Ballroom 20 anyway, which was fine. I learned a cool thing about ComicCon that day; almost all panels are entertaining. Also, they are air-conditioned. And quieter than the convention center.

I spent most of my time in the back so people who were uber fans of shows could get up front, and also so I could charge my phone. It was dying rapidly whilst looking for WiFi and, when I gave up on that, 3G. Apparently AT&T had some agreement with ComicCon that they were boosting the signal, but my signal (and many others) died repeatedly that day. I was getting texts 30 minutes or more after they were sent, and vice versa. I learned that several of my friends were still in line. Some were in the same ballroom as me, but God knew where. “I’m in the back” means nothing when there are four thousand people and four areas that are potential “backs”. So there was a lot of prairie dogging…standing up briefly, looking around rapidly to see if you recognized anyone from their tiny Twitter photo, and then sitting back down again. “Dude, WHERE in the back?” was sent many times from my phone that day. Also “I’m on the floor, next to an outlet.”

To my recollection, which granted is flawed due to not eating much, the first panel we saw was for Burn Notice. It was extremely funny, most notably because Bruce Campbell was handing out money to random persons in the audience and capering about. We learned that Miami is hot and everybody in the show sweats profusely except the star. I had to text my ex-boyfriend to let him know I was in a room with Bruce Campbell, as he pretty much worships the man for his work in Evil Dead. I mean, we had a two foot tall statue of the guy with a chain saw arm in our living room. So. Yeah.

Next I think was White Collar. I did get the text stating that Sara, Jen, & Bailey made it to that one. Phew! The intro film was a scheme to break into ComicCon dressed as various popular geek characters. When it was suggested Matt Bomer do something from Chuck, of course the crowd went wild. They then did their panel, which was wildly entertaining, and during which I really had to pee (hey, I had an iced tea!) and desperately wanted another cigarette. I texted Christi.

It didn’t go through.

At some point, I got another text from Larry me telling me he was in the back. I got another from Michael telling me he was still in line.

I went to the bathroom anyway, making sure to get my little return pass. At some point, I must have walked past an area that had 3G, because my phone dinged and Christi said “I’m out front having a cigarette!” I ran downstairs, but out front is huge. “Where out front?” “I’m near stairs.” “Which stairs?” “D.” I went to the stairs near D. I did not find her. I went back into the panel, where I got to hear Matt Bomer sing “The best part of waking up is motherfuckin’ Folgers in your cup.”

The next panel, I think, was Psych. That was hilarious and also featured amazing tap dancing at the end. Anybody who knows me knows I am entranced by tap, and this was a phenomenal performance. After this, I believe Christi and I did manage to find each other again because we did have a cigarette somewhere near the Ballroom 20 line outside and she told me about this evil woman full of horror. We then went into the Showtime panel together and got a seat up front. Christi had been working her way up all day.

I once might have waxed rhapsodic about this panel, not just because I was up front, but because David Duchovny was on it, and when his gaze meets yours…let’s just say this. I became so uncomfortable I actually left my seat and went and stood against the wall. Yes, me. How can I explain this…you know how there’s, like, the sun? And if you spend too long in it, you eventually burst into a cloud of smoke? Yeah.

I consider this good publicity for Duchovny. The man is intense. Hire him for all your intensity needs; he is effectual X infinity.

He actually got asked an X-Files question, and I was thinking, “Dude, I was the biggest Xphile on the planet, but it’s another decade for God’s sake.” He was also asked why he took the role of Dennis/Denise on Twin Peaks, which he answered exactly as I expected. “I was a young actor and I needed the money.”

After Christi was like, “Dude, what happened to you?” and I was ashamed. “Dude, I choked on the Duchovnyism!” and she said “Oh my GOD, I know! What the hell?!” It’s probably that he’s near sighted like me and he’s just trying to take in all the faces, but dude.

At that point, we needed a cigarette. I showed Christi the Death Star window. Then we went to the room for Dr. Horrible. I had been warned that the line would be awful, but getting into the panel before was a snap. It was pretty cool, too, because it was for Vertigo. I used to know a guy who worked for DC back in the day, so I have some of their titles in my comic book collection. Christi had to leave so she could actually do her job, as she intended to come to Can’t Stop the Serenity with me later. I hung out for the Vertigo panel and was touched by the girl who nervously took the microphone and told the artists and writers on the stage, “You guys are awesome. This is my Hall H!”

Then, it was time for Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. The Browncoats had put together a lyric book and paper goggles for everyone in attendance; it was an excellent program. The version we watched was subtitled and had call-backs. I was seated in front of people who clearly had no idea why they were there, but even they got into it by the second song. It was a total blast. David and Dwight were in their Dr. Horrible costumes, as were a good portion of the audience, and everybody got into it as much as even the craziest Rocky Horror I’ve seen. I will definitely do this again, and be closer up front with the crazier people.

Next, I headed to the Gaslamp Theatre to volunteer with the California Browncoats for Can’t Stop the Serenity. I had never seen Serenity in the theatre (I know, right?) so I was freakin’ stoked. I hiked up with Beth From Australia in her full Dr. Horrible regalia and we met up with James (@danregal), Beth Not From Australia (@trekkiebeth), and I bumped into Todd (@wetodded). who was leaving for Tron for some reason. James paired me up with the awesome & very friendly Michelle (@mizbehavin1) to sell raffle tickets to the persons waiting in line. The raffle was to raise money for Equality Now (along with the movie ticket sales) and to win fabulous Firefly/Serenity/Joss related prizes.

Thankfully, Michelle understood the directions and math better than me. I learned something very important that day, however. If I go up to people with a smile and a bucket and explain to them that something is for charity, they almost immediately hand me money. I want to do this more, which is weird, because I hate talking to people. But I love getting buckets of money for charity. While working the line, I found that several of the people I’d ask to come actually did! Larry & his friend Jason came, and so did Katy and Annie, even though they’d never seen Firefly or Serenity before. Christi had purchased a ticket but couldn’t make it, as she was still writing her pieces.

We filled our bucket and ran out of tickets, so we came back inside. I was aching so I volunteered to watch the bags we had left in the theatre while everyone else entered. Michelle was still out there working her hiney off, so I made sure she got an excellent seat smack dab in the middle of the theatre where the sweet spot is. Then, it was time. James had Bix (@theonetruebix), the founder of this movement, do a bit of speaking. We then saw a little film explaining the purpose of Can’t Stop the Serenity (keep Serenity in theatres across the world for all time whilst raising money for charity), and then, finally, it came.

As previously mentioned, I’d never seen Serenity in the theatre before. The closest I’ve gotten to the experience was Blu Ray on my 42″ TV. This blew that the hell away. Seeing it loud and huge in the theatre is an unbelievable treat. Do it every chance you get. The people around me were cheering and clapping in all the places I do like a total dork by myself at home, so I felt right at, well, home, but bigger LOUDER BETTER! WHEEEEE!!!! It was pure pleasure to see with hundreds of fans, the way it was meant to be seen. It was over far too soon.

Afterwards, James held the raffle and some amazingly cool stuff was given to loads of people. I was happy to see that some of the folks Michelle & I sold tickets to won. I then got to meet Barb (@wyobar) for the first time and see Norm (@9tiercel) again. I also met their son, Chris. That was absolutely lovely. They also happened to be staying in the same hotel as me, so we all trudged up the hill together, thrilled to know we were so close by for any future shenanigans.

I then entered our quiet sleepy hotel room and, aching from the top of my head to my heels, crashed the hell out.

Next: Friday. Or “Oh Right, KellieJane, You DO Have Fibromyalgia!” Alternate title: “Errbody in tha Chuck Gettin’ Tipsy”.


7 thoughts on “Thursday At ComicCon 2010: The Day the 3G Died

  1. Tonya Gemmer says:

    Sound like you had a good time but I think too much chaos & confusion for me. I hate crowds.

    • kelliejane says:

      Yeah, I’m still not entirely convinced I would go again, but I’ve promised someone I would & she promises to make it easier for me. You’ll see why on Day 3. 🙂

  2. RacinanteOpus says:

    Wow, lots of fun and you hit every panel for the shows that I watch. I am officially jealous!

  3. samatwitch says:

    Comic-Con can be chaotic, but there are ways to make it a bit easier – and it’s so much fun, especially meeting online friends.

    I was also volunteering for CSTS San Diego, with another Beth (@harmalicious), selling raffle tickets, so we probably said ‘hi’ to each other. 🙂 We were two of the five other CSTS organisers in attendance, b!x, Lioness and JenskiJen being the others. Jen and I have been friends since the year she spent in Vancouver five years ago. When you’re a Browncoat, it really is a small world! 🙂

  4. 2 things.
    1- I’m still pissed at the stupid girl! I still remember what she looks like and I still want to kick her in the shins! Evil evil girl!
    2 – I’m still soooooo upset that I missed out on CSTS! I am like you, I never saw Serenity in theatres, and would LOVE to. I remember just after I finished submitting my final article of the day, and all I had to do was upload my pictures to the buddytv FTP it was right about when the credits would have been rolling. IF ONLY I DIDNT NEED SLEEP I could have waited on the articles until after the movie. Thats the problem with Comic-Con/Human Bodies. There aren’t enough hours in the day to enjoy everything AND get enough sleep.

    I’m vowing that next year I will not be working. For the first time ever I will attend Comic-Con with no other schedule but my own.

  5. Larry says:

    Ahh…come on now you know you would do it again 😉 Next time you know what to expect and can plan accordingly 🙂

  6. Xenaclone says:

    And the CSTS was the first time I saw you :-). I was SO Tired!! But it was fun 🙂

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