Wherein I Set Down the Kool-Aid and Take Up A Cup of Tea

Last week at theblacksphere.net I confessed to having been a sick and medicated idiot. This week, my allegiance to the Dark Side is complete. You can think of Kevin Jackson as the Emperor from Star Wars. “Give in to your hate!” I am hatin’ right now, and it’s not because my stupid girlfriend died, Darth Whiner. It’s because I paid my taxes.

I’m writing this on June 12. Yes, I filed for an extension, because during my move to Los Angeles from Reno, my 2008 return got irrevocably sucked into a wormhole or something. I hear there are a couple of those on the 5.

Obama told Tea Partiers on Tax Day that they ought to be grateful that he’s lowered taxes. Well, I just paid three times as much tax as I did during each year of the entire Bush administration. So how does that work, Mr. Precedent? Why am I calling him that?

Because it dawned on me I hadn’t paid more than $100 in taxes since Clinton was president! The first black president also screwed me, though not in the way he normally screws tubby white girls.

MIND. OFFICIALLY. BLOWN. I realize I may be a little slower than the rest of you.

Obama let Bush’s tax cuts expire, so while he didn’t exactly raise taxes, he didn’t exactly do anything to keep me from being screwed either. You may think, “Well, white girl, you probably made more money than me last year.”

I doubt it. I am firmly entrenched in lower middle class status, just like most of you. I did not receive a raise last year because my company froze all raises, and I did not earn extra income in any other way. I currently write for free, y’all (but won’t complain if Mr. Jackson wants to kick a little sugar my way for my stuff on theblacksphere.net). I haven’t gone to school for a while, so my tuition credit hasn’t been a factor in years.

I made just as little money as the rest of you good folks, and thanks to our glorious lefty Congress, I paid three times as much in taxes than I ever did during the entire war in the Middle East, and a couple of years before that. Holy crap, that crazy old white dude was right. Obama lied!

When Clinton was president, I made $5.00 an hour as a supervisor at a record store, and I was paying over $200 at tax time. In installments. Because Democrats clearly care about the lower class, I guess?

What is the point of allowing tax breaks to expire on the lower middle class? Well, it certainly helps to drop us down to the level of “poor”. Poor folks of all colours are then eligible for more programs, which guilts the rich white Left into backing more Leftist candidates, whose solemn single wish is to take care of all of us…by raising taxes and creating more programs.

Well, I don’t want any damn programs. I want my damn money!

Don’t you? When you last went to the bank to deposit your check, did you say, “Gee, I sure wish they’d taken out more taxes to pay for nebulous programs I may or may not ever use!” Or did you say “Gee, I’d sure like more damn money to spend as I damn well please”?

Some of you may be pausing over your grande frappuccinos or your bottles of pinot to say “Well, you see my dear, programs help those less fortunate than us, and it’s good for the government to wisely distribute funds and services where they are needed.” Do you hear yourself? When the government decides whom to distribute funds and services to, they have the power. They take the power away from you to decide how to take care of yourself and the folks you care about. You could spend your extra forty dollars a week in tax savings on dinner with your grandma, or beer, or a savings account, or home renovations, or crack, or a carton of smokes, or the tithing plate, or whatever the hell you want. Yes, you could be greedy and hoard it all for yourself, but that’s your choice.

When we let the government decide how to be nice for us, it steals not only the power away from us, but also the responsibility. It’s easier to let the government be nice to your fellow man than actually go out and donate to charity, put in time as a volunteer, or help out family. Yes, Mr. Lefty VonZinfandel, it’s all well and good to sit at dinner with your friends and tut tut over Republican greed, but you make enough money where you don’t seem to notice where your taxes go. You pay the government to be nice for you without the bother of having to meet actual folks and care for them. And you make enough money where it’s no skin off your back.

To me and the Mr. Six Packs of the world, we are so close to the wrong side of town that we see where it goes, and we feel it being taken from us. It goes to some people who do use welfare to pull themselves up by the bootstraps and get ahead in life. It also goes to people who know that they will lose what little income they have if they even make the slightest effort to help themselves. It takes power from them. It removes choice.

What was I going to do with the extra $156 I would not have had to pay under Bush? I was going to start paying my mother back for helping me to move down here. Now the government gets it, and they probably won’t even have it left to give her in five years when she’s old enough for Medicare. I would rather have given it to her now, thanks.

OMG, I hate the government!

I guess that puts me firmly on the damn Right now, doesn’t it? I’m proud to be here! When’s the next Tea Party? I’ll bring my finest damn Target china.

With love, The Angriest Girl in America Right Now.


2 thoughts on “Wherein I Set Down the Kool-Aid and Take Up A Cup of Tea

  1. chrisisright says:

    Hear! Hear!

    A larger portion taken, and a worse economy in which to find job, meaning those on welfare who WANT to be back at work won’t be, insuring the taxpayer will continue supporting them, even against the recipient’s will.

    No one has a choice anymore.

  2. thelastnameleft says:

    Global recession innit (that came into being partially due to lack of government control of banks etc), I don’t think anyone genuinely believes the ecomony and the tax issues would be much different if there was a different party in power at the moment, everyone is suffering, some more than most, many have died, many more will before the light at the end of the tunnel is reached, however, anger is good, keeps the blood pumping imo.

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