What Are Words For?

When no one listens, there’s no use talking at all. –Missing Persons

So judging by the histrionics I have been witness to as of late, everybody is fricken’ racist, including people who are not traditionally accused by liberals of being racists, such as black people. Also my iPhone is racist, according to @ChrisMorris528, as it translated “Kegels” into “Negroes”.  However, @MeMo07’s iPhone is racist against white folk, as it translated “white” into “whore”. Obviously if you type the words in correctly, they come up correctly, but one typo, man, the iPhone goes straight to Racial Country.

All kidding aside, racism is not funny. Racism is the baseless founding of negative characteristics upon people based on their skin colour or other genetic physical characteristics. Some would argue it is the baseless founding of positive characteristics upon people based on their skin colour, too, such as “Black folk are good at sports” and “Asian folk are good at math.” Well, people of all races are good at sports and math, just as people of all races are assholes. Me calling a black person or an Asian person who is being an asshole an asshole doesn’t make me a racist. It makes me observant.

Sometimes, a newspaper or a blog or a person will say “So-&-So is an idiot,” and this is, remarkably, fodder for another newspaper or blog or person to cry “Racist!” if that idiot happens to be another race than the speaker.  They don’t bother to see if the speaker only ever calls people of that race an idiot, they just hear what they want to hear. Why would anybody want to hear racism?

Well, some people are conditioned to hear racism. Most of these people, in my experience, are white. I admit it; I was one of them. I was indoctrinated with the notion that people of other races & nationalities were an endangered species, and we ought to protect them by conducting our behaviour around them with such paranoia that ultimately, our politically correct behaviour was more racist than racism. Think about it. Are you one the many white folk who is terrified to say certain things in a room full of black people? Mexicans? Jews? What do you think will happen to you if you accidentally drop certain words or assumptions? Do you think something bad will happen to you? Do you think you will irrevocably damage that group’s psyche?

You’re a racist! If you think a group of people is going to beat you up, heckle you, otherwise deride you, or suffer psychological damage because of your words, you must think very, very poorly of that race. You, my pasty friend, are a racist.

Oh snap! Yeah, it sucks when your realize that, huh? All your carefully constructed behaviour, based on rules for certain groups of people, each different than the next, is not actual empathy or caring. It’s discrimination. Don’t talk about money in front of Jews, don’t talk about sports or dance in front of black people, don’t talk immigration in front of Mexicans…discrimination. You’d tsk tsk over immigration with Jews or black people, wouldn’t you? But not Mexicans.

“But they’re not all Mexicans! You should say Latinos!” you cry.

True story: I asked a friend if she preferred Latina or Chicana. “What?! I’m Mexican,” she laughed at me. You know what you should ask instead? “Where’re your folks from?” If it ever comes up. Which, you know, if you actually sit down & talk to somebody long enough, it probably will.

We don’t need terms like Latina if we get to know people. The irony in liberal squishy cuddlyism is that giving people politically correct names means you never, ever need bother to get to know anyone. Lump ’em all into a safe compartment. Heaven forbid you find out someone is Guatemalan. Or that many Korean folks don’t like Japanese folks. So “Asian-American” is not really doing anybody any favours.

You will not like this, & you probably won’t believe this, Whitey McLiberalArtsSchool, but the most racist-sounding people on Twitter? My tweeps in the hip-hop industry. “They get to use the N word,” you protest, “as they are taking it back.” Right. That would be a weak argument even if it had anything to do with what I was going to say next. Which is this: today I witnessed a barrage of tweets about how you should never hire any kind of lawyer except a Jewish lawyer, how Mexicans always carry knives, how N-words in the club dress like preachers, how white folks always snitch…the race of this person, if his avatar is correct, is black.

You may have noticed that hip-hop has utterly no interest whatsoever in political correctness.

Instead, hip-hop espouses a number of right wing ideals. Let’s do a quicky analysis based off stuff I’ve listened to this weekend, shall we?

Free enterprise:

“With my mind on my money and my money on my mind.” –‘Gin & Juice’, Snoop Dogg

“Makes sense, don’t it? Now make dollars.” –‘Watch Me’, Jay-Z w/ Dr. Dre

“I sold kilos of coke so I figured I could sell CDs.” –‘Diamonds of Sierra Leone’, Kanye West w/ Jay-Z

Free speech (including the offensive):

“This ain’t politically correct. This might offend my political connex.” -‘D.O.A.’, Jay-Z

“Told the rab get off the rag,” -‘Welcome to the Terrordome’, Public Enemy

Numerous times women are called bitches & hos, copious use of the N-word

Freedom of religion:

“Farrakhan’s a prophet who I think you oughta listen to. What he can say to you, what you oughta do…” -‘Bring The Noise’, Public Enemy

“There’s only one true judge, and that’s God, so chill, & let my Father do His job.” -‘None of Your Business’, Salt-n-Pepa

The Right to Bear Arms:

“Talkin’ ’bout guns like I ain’t got none, what, you think I sold them all?” -‘Forgot About Dre’, Dr. Dre w/ Eminem

“Click click, who the fuck wanna feel this?” -“Can’t Deny It’, Fabolous & Nate Dogg

Family values, plus free enterprise, employment…heck, Reaganomics:

“Love to see young blacks get money, spend time out the hood, take their moms out the hood, hit my boys off with jobs, no more livin’ hard. Barbecues every day, driving fancy cars.” –“Still D.R.E.”, Dr. Dre

Safe sex/no abortion:

“I got a pocket full of rubbers and my home boys do too. So turn off the lights & close the doors, but, but what? We don’t love them hos.” –‘Gin n’ Juice”, Snoop Dogg. Ok, so this one is kind of a stretch.

So when you say the right wing is racist, shouldn’t you actually be saying that hip hop is fascist? Since you erroneously believe the right wing to be fascist, right?

Come on!

I have seen people I know for a fact are not racist be accused of racism without any evidence, no chance to defend themselves (were they inclined to dignify such rubbish with a response)…summarily judged based on–well, I don’t know!

I was accused of racism once…by a white girl, of course.

It was by someone who knows better, because I relayed to her that I spent much of my junior semester of college playing Uno with my black friends, eating chicken wings & drinking 40s. It didn’t even occur to me that this could be construed as a racial stereotype; it was simply a fact. I lived on the Quiet Floor, for allegedly studious people with 3.5s or higher. We were not so quiet. However, most of the girls on my floor were black. Seeing as how I shared a bathroom with them and we were all nerds, we met quickly and got on great. Our singular most uttered phrase that semester was “Bitch, you ain’t got Uno!” That includes myself. The local pizza joint had a special on a bucket of wings, and we liked beer. So we played Uno, ate wings, and drank 40s.

I told this story in tears because there were a lot of funny instances that whole semester, including nearly getting busted by Reno PD for witchcraft (long story), myself being discriminated against & told I was a stupid white person who should die of cancer, someone almost getting arrested for check fraud, Kato Kaelin, the leprechaun guy, and the time Pam thought I was having a seizure (but I was actually just laughing).

When I got done, the person listening to me said, in a big fat sarcastic Valley tone, “Wow, that wasn’t racist or anything.”

Um…what part of “My best friends that year were all the black girls on my floor” did you not understand?! But because we frequently participated in activities that were stereotypical, and I failed to relay them with shame or self-hatred, I’m racist?? She totally ignored the part where we Mystery Science Theatred Forrest Gump, where one girl had a crush on the guy I was schtupping, where they all wanted to see Brooks & Dunn and I bailed. She heard the racist stuff because she is conditioned to hear racism when white people talk about black people.

Intriguingly, she has no black friends. Or didn’t at the time. I don’t know what her situation is now, as I haven’t talked to her in a while.  Black people, you see, have to be in protected areas. You can’t actually befriend them, lest you offend them. This seems to be the impetus for such shunning, anyhow. I’d like to think it’s not because they actively dislike people of other races…


James O’Keefe was recently accused of being racist because he wore a pimp costume (or didn’t…the accuser wasn’t terribly clear on that point). So…is the accuser saying that a pimp costume denotes black people? Is that not inherently racist? Aren’t most pimps these days Italian anyway? I kid, I kid!

I also lurve when a liberal comes into a conservative chat room & accuses all of us of being racist, much to the amusement of the black people in there. Those liberals assume there are no black people in conservative chat rooms. That’s racist.

What do you think? Have you ever been accused of being racist? Was it by someone of that race, or someone of your own race? Tabin, I know who accused you of being racist but if you want to relay that story again, knock yourself out.

Here is my favourite “Racist Saying He’s Not Racist” story. I will not say who the speaker is. But it went like this:

Me: “You’re racist.”

Racist: “No I’m not.”

Me: “Shyeeah! You are the most racist person I’ve ever met!”

Racist: “I treat all people equally!”

Me: “Ok, yes, you do. But you don’t talk about them the same. It’s disgusting.”

Racist: “What? What do I say?”

Me: “Hah! I dare you to say something nice about Jews!”

Racist: “Uh…the Jews are good at taking your money.”

Me: “WOW. Uh, say something nice about black people.”

Racist: “Oh, they are good at sports & music.”

Me: *eyeroll* “Oh, here’s a good one. Say something good about the Irish!”

Racist: “Oh, that’s easy! The Irish are good at killing people!”

And scene.

Except that was a real conversation. Yeah. *sigh*


9 thoughts on “What Are Words For?

  1. Larry Flynn says:

    My son is in college in Los Angeles and has Hispanic friends whom I refered to as Mexican which brought a “Hispanic Dad” correction. (they were born in Mexico) But I let my son live anyway. I like the Seinfeld episode where they dealt with some of that by saying “not that theres anything wrong with that” thourgh out the show. I’m Irish and haven’t killed anyone to date.

  2. tabin says:

    Asian American isn’t hyphenated. Obviously, if you weren’t racist, you’d know that. 😛


    So, this one time I got called “Racist!” but it was said out of love. Well, more like sarcasm. Long story short, I quipped back, “Yeah, my white half has been oppressing my Asian half for so long…”

    Apparently, a few people behind me were shocked to hear someone yell out that I was racist. Were they shocked for me, I don’t know.

  3. Drew says:

    Nicely put. I couldn’t help but have the song “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” from Avenue Q going through my head the whole time while reading it.

  4. blacktoybox says:

    Firefox likes to turn Christmas in to Masochism sometimes. Religious persecution or just anti retail?

    Years ago in San Diego, I had a black man accuses me of being raciest on a count of my serving a little white girl before him. I don’t know who walked up first but she was closer to the counter and responded first when I asked “Can I help you?” Whatever, my manger knew he was with the crazy but seriously, the just a hair above impoverished, Mexican, Jewish, queer guy is discriminating against you becasue you are different? …um. k.

    Also Re: Jews, then why don’t I have any fucking money?

  5. tabin says:

    Re: Asians are better at math. Yes, that is because we are smarter. Obviously.

    But in all seriousness, I have a theory as to why, which is somehow tied to race but not the basis for it.

    Asians (well, koreans at the very least because that’s what i’ve been exposed to) put a really strong emphasis on education. Like, scary emphasis. I think it’s because Koreans had to pay for all education after elementary school. You better believe parents want to get their money’s worth if they have to pay for something. We’re talking kids going to school at 6am and not coming home until 10pm because they spend most of their time at school or the library. On top of that, parents send their kids to extra tutors (for more money) to get even more of an edge.

    This STRESS on education is not the same in the United States, in my opinion. Education is free and mandated so it’s kinda “Yeah, whatever. Education is important yada yada yada.” (Seinfeld-esque comment day apparently.) More lip-service in US than in Korea.

    Second, there is actually a different numbering system in Korean that is more “mathier” than English. For example, we say “twenty – two” for 22 (you say one word for the ‘tens’ and then another for the ‘ones’). One system of counting in Korean is the same as this. However, there is another system where 22 is said as “two-tens and one” – inherently having multiplication in the language. I’m sure there’s some sort of advantage in saying it that way than just “twenty two”. Anyway, I see a correlation.

    But the stereotype is just so off. It’s not like there’s something attached to the “Asian” gene (like there’s only one) that makes us better at math – we just work at it a whole lot more than US students. Believe me, I know.

  6. zaftiq says:

    I’m gonna start this off by saying that my parents, well, at least my mother (don’t really remember my father), are exceptionally racist/bigoted.

    I grew up hearing a lot of nigger, sandnigger, beaners, japs, wops, kikes, etc. come out of their mouths. At the time, I somehow missed the negative connotations they attached to these words. I honestly just thought that’s what different races were referred to for a lot of my very young childhood. My mother also tried to ban me from listening to David Bowie as a teen (seriously, wtf?) because “You know he’s a fag, right?”

    Sleeping with girls and eventually marrying a queer half-Mexican Jewish guy was really the piece de resistance for mommy dearest.

    On the other end of the spectrum, until I moved up to the PNW (which is huge the KKK/neo-nazi territory in the West, ohmygosh), I was always, always the only white girl in my neighbourhood. In middle school, I was literally one of five caucasian kids in my school of 5,000 students (most were Filipino, which led to me having lots of self-esteem issues because all the girls were just SO DAMNED PRETTY and I was chubby and white). One boy tried out calling me a cracker in 6th grade, but I didn’t know what that meant, so I just sort of stared at him funny until he went away.

    Outside of CA, or maybe just because I got older, I started to notice the whole “PC” aspect of race. I’ve had lots of adults in my life try to heave their racial guilt on me. I got a 30 minute lecture for using the world mulatto in a paper in high school (the paper was on Ann Rice books, in which the term appears about a billion and one times), and also for reading Gone With the Wind (from the same teacher who professed to me in the same breath that political correctness was a term cribbed by one party or the next from communist Russia).

    In college, our Spanish prof was (she no longer teaches there) from Peru, and she often made fun of how uptight our culture in America is. Her big point was that Hispanic (the all-encompassing term she personally prefers) cultures take jabs at each other all the time, but when a comedian like Carlos Mencia gets up on stage and starts doing it for the English-speaking audience, it’s shocking and we’re outraged. The more we try to suppress and protect so-called minorities (I prefer ethnic, because, dude, we all are different ethnicities, but apparently that’s turned into a no-no term as well) from the big bad R word, the more we discriminate against them and feed the problem.

    On the other hand, no one wants to be offended. I’m not going to start going around calling people niggers just because I’m over being PC. It’s the individual I judge, not how much melanoma their body produces.

  7. mysticonion says:

    I was once unintentionally racist because I grew up in an area where there were no black people around. Those who were around I didn’t see any difference till people pointed it out. When I moved to an area where there were a lot of black and asian people I referred to them by names I thought were affectionate.. mind you it was the eighties.. and people strangely could still do that and it wasn’t taken badly. Now with all the race riots and the way people take things, you can’t say a damn thing not even affectionately.

  8. Katharama says:

    Several years back, I was in a creative writing class. I had started what was a bit of a crime story, which involved a serial murderer who happened to be gay and a policewoman who happened to be black. I am a straight white female. I read the first several pages in class. As I am not someone who feels the need throw an entire character description in during the first sentence the character is mentioned, it was a few paragraphs after I had introduced the policewoman character before I mentioned her race, which apparently took everyone off guard. When I was finished, I was questioned by several of my classmates as to how I could possibly write a black character, how I could relate to her. “Do you have any black friends?” Funnily enough, no one questioned my ability to write about a gay male murderer.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I believe a thick layer of bullshit from both sides, leads to many misconceptions, overreactions, complete denial, and overall deceptive tactics.

    I agree, there are many who are quick to accuse others of racism, before stepping back and taking a deeper look at the other’s intent. Many, tend to be extreme leftists and minorities. However, this shouldn’t lead to the complete and total denial of it’s existence. The truth is, racism/intolerance/discrimination has transformed itself from apparent acts of hate and violence, to subtle overgeneralization, and evasiveness because of it’s new discretion..

    This idea that the “PC crazed liberals and minorities” are using past atrocities to harbor over non assuming whites. This is an obvious covert way of discrediting the accuracy of recent acts of racisim and discrimination..
    It’s alive and well, I’ve heard more horrible and offensive comments against others because of their race, now then ever before. The worse part is, in the past people were proud to be “seperatist” “racists”, now that the term has negative connnotations attached . Many so called “realists” believe their judgements are based from critical, and reasonable observation, not from prejudice.

    In the past it didn’t matter if you were logical as a racist. Now, logic and reason are masked to continue the same indifferent, uncomfortable, and hatemongering.. Spouting dated offensive comments, but adding bullcrap “evidence” to support your delusion.
    They’re experiances, statistical information they can quickly string together, lead them to con themselves into thinking judging other races , or a particular group, is strictly a fact by numerical/percentage .

    This irrational/ blatant self and open denial, gives them the freedom to go on tangents about how poor, unrefined, dirty, uneducated etc etc another group is defined by their race. Only seconds later rant about how eager other ethnic groups are to claim racism as an excuse..

    Okay, don’t call out another group for being one way, with the presumption that people within you’re group aren’t guilty of, or worse playing the numbers game , more of these people are doing it compared to mine… Better the reversed oppressive tactic, they’re taking over and they get a free ride, they hold us accountable for things we haven’t done…WE have a right , to feel the way we do..

    Bullshit. your a racist , and you sound like a tard.. It’s even more pathetic you have to con yourself to keep from accepting this

    This new modern racist, makes me give some respect to the openly extreme and hardcore hate fanatics. They’re cowards , but not nearly as chicken shit to deny it. .They take a side and stand directly behind it, regardless of how absurd it really is.. It doesn’t matter, ultimately they have no delusions, or excuses, for what they believe, they accept it . In this i have to credit them.

    The fact is, you might not think the things you’re saying is particularly offensive, especially if you didn’t mean for it to be.. Make a joke about watermelon and chicken to a black person, it pisses them off. You may think they don’t have a sense of humour, or oh here we go another “farrakhan” No… It’s offensive because of the degradation, and centuries of fucked up characterization associated with blacks and those references… Each generation hopes to christ it doesnt followed them , or will ever appear in their time, certain statements, perceptions, and judgments upset people because they realize it’s something that still hasn’t completely gone away..

    Ultimately, these phrases, comments, were originally created to degrade, humiliate, and shame these groups. Do you think because it happened centuries ago, that it’s original psychological attack wouldn’t still be viable to the descendants of those people?

    Wait, you’re not one of them so who really gives a shit?

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