My Vox + Finnish Electronica For Your Amusement

A very long time ago, when I was still a rabid, quivering, gelatinous mess of a Depeche Mode fan, I volunteered to lay down some vocals for my friend Kim Johnsson. Kim is a Finnish man with an impossibly deep, heavily accented voice who composes his own electronica & laughs easily & menacingly. We would call ourselves KJ2 (pronounced KJ Squared).

Kim wanted to do a track for the fifth incarnation of Modeified, the Depeche Mode fan tribute project. If you are curious enough to go online & suss out those recordings, they are a hell of a thing. I was more than willing to work with Kim because I’d heard his original music and it was fantastic. He proposed we do “It Doesn’t Matter Two” from Black Celebration, which I dig tremedously, so I asked him to make it slower & higher & I would attempt it.

I recorded it in my living room on equipment from the Dark Ages. It in fact had to be sent back to America so Danny “The Brat” Barassi could do some noise reduction. The guy is a miracle worker (in addition to being a beloved brat). When you hear this, you will realize I needed it higher because I was still a soprano back then. I also had very little control over my vibrato at the time, which was fine because Martin Gore (the original vocalist) never managed to wrangle his. However, looking back on it after I unearthed it while packing for my move to L.A., I find myself embarrassed by the wobblies, & a rather unfortunate mic pop on one of my Ps. And a heinous run in the beginning.  Meh.

BUT I promised James, Denise, & Mal that I would share any music I’d ever recorded with them once I located it. So. Here I am. Stuck fulfilling a promise I made before realizing I sound like the strangled goat child of Stevie Nicks. Ba-a-a-a-a-ah.


It Doesn’t Matter Two _ KJ2

Yes, I still have an accent when I sing.


17 thoughts on “My Vox + Finnish Electronica For Your Amusement

  1. Wow. Can’t wait to hear this.

  2. Okay, so I just listened to this and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Your voice is breathtaking. Pure and sexy beyond belief. It’s also very unique which is something I look for. I’m rather blown away by this track and I have a few facts to back this up, in case you think I’m just buttering you up:
    1) I was VERY skeptical before listening.
    2) I’m a music connoisseur and snob. It takes a lot to grab my attention.
    3) I’m not very fond of 98% of female vocalists.
    So yeah. You really blew me away here and I wish you would have kept doing this. You could have been bigger than Portishead. And sigh, I think I’ve fallen in love all over again. You’re an awesome woman. If only you’d talk to me more. No, wait. That might just intimidate me. All I know is as of this very moment, I am in awe of your talents. Wow. Very surprised.

  3. Brian Dupre says:

    Stumbled upon this on relative accident via Adam Baldwin & Twitter. Love DM, and it is a rather beautiful cover. 🙂

  4. El Orinoco says:

    Foreboding. Mysterious. Beautiful!

  5. Kim Johnsson says:

    Hi KJ!

    I was just listening to the new DM live record, and I wanted to see whether other people feel the same way about Martin’s vibrato that I do, and this is where Google thought directed me.

    Nice to be reminded of you, it’s been a while. Apparently I have some reading to do 🙂



    • Kim Johnsson says:

      …eh, “thought” really shouldn’t be there…

      • kelliejane says:

        KIM!!! I habe been wondering where you were & even looked for you for a while! I still prefer showing people this track for YOUR work & not mine 🙂

      • Kim Johnsson says:

        I’ve cut down a lot on my internet presence; mostly lurking nowadays, but occasionally I get a bit adventurous and actually email people :-). As it happens, I’m currently (as in right now, like) working on a QoL / Yesterday hybrid/bastard for my workplace’s 10:th anniversary party next week’s friday. Feel free to throw me an email to my gmail address if you want to hear more 🙂



      • kelliejane says:

        I don’t have your address; I dont do that thing where I collect people’s data. You on FB at all? Twitter?

      • Kim Johnsson says:

        Oh, I thought the required email address when replying here is shown to you, but I guess it isn’t. I’m on both twitter and FB, but I’m insanely passive on both accounts. One moment…

  6. Kim Johnsson says:

    Left you a message on FB. Anyways, here’s the latest McCartney/Gore/Johnsson -collaboration for your enjoyment.

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