Big Girl Grown Up Blog Time (kind of)

This is what, like, the 5th blog I’ve had? Well, here’s hoping this is teh smartest one. It has lots of spiffy tracking features & looks all pretty & schtuff. I can also haz iPhone app that makes it easier to blog from said iPhone, as my previous attempts to post to my Posterous blog from the iPhone have been mediocre at best and positively bloody disastrous at worst.

I can apparently also manage several blog pages from this sucker, which means a Chuck blog is feasible & I have been compelled to do one by a mandate of the people. I promise you this is the last time you will see that kind of crapulent talk on my blog, except when I am being snarky, sarcastic, smarmy, or other forms of delightful prickery.

I first learned of WordPress viewing the pretty & entertaining blog at I was instantly seized by the desire to embed photos & have magical happy widgets. Maeko is stylin’ & I admittedly need to be guided in that vein from time to time, as I tend to value function over form. However, I am awfully fond of form, too, as is evidenced by my enjoyment of teh hot mens.

(Well, there really are only 1 or 2 hot mens on the planet at any given time, but this is, I am assured, due to my single-minded slightly charming ability to focus–i.e. cheating ain’t hardwired into me–and not reality. Perception, perception, perception.)

What is a Princess of Swords? Well, some of you will gleefully assume I am talking about Arwen of Rohan, & if that makes you happy, run with that, nerdface. To be honest, it makes me happy too except I’m not blonde.

Not a blonde.

Actually it’s a tarot card. Sometimes called the Page of Swords, or Arrows, the Princess of Swords is a messenger of quick wit who is admittedly fumbling toward maturity. That’s my writing in a nutshell. There are moments of “Ooh clever, funny!” but it will be months before you see anything even remotely resembling personal growth. I’m a stops-&-starts spurty kinda girl.*

*Of course that can be interpreted pornographically; there is utterly no reason to comment as such below. Perv.

This is going to be short (gasp!) as I am exhausted. I spent the better part of last night (well, all of it) Skype chatting (translation: laughing like a braying horse) with Chuckbuddies & failed utterly to sleep for any decent adult length of time. Being a decent(ish) adult, this does not bode well for my thinkings & writings. If you absolutely cannot function without learning what I normally write like when I’m not being a whiny sleepy baby, check out

For reasons I do not understand, WordPress does not import Posterous. So you are stuck having to go look at another site to catch up. Assuming you are interested in such things. Which, y’know, some are. One guy in the last fiscal quarter apparently read my entire collection of blogs, both contemporary & ancient, in the space of a night or two. I wasn’t sure whether to be flattered or intimidated by the intensity of his interest (turned out to be the latter; go fig. Actually it was mostly an alarming lack of reading comprehension on his part that kinda freaked me out). If you are not a psychofactory, feel free to read as much as you like. Because if you are not a psychofactory, you will of course understand what you are reading, or at least have the sense to ask me questions about the things that seem contradictory or more specific than they really are. I enjoy that kind of discussion. If I’ve not been clear, I need to know.

If you are prone to generating delusions & fantasies, I have to quote that sage Flava Flav: “I can’t do nuthin’ for ya, man.”

Notice I’ve also stopped naming blog posts after song lyrics. That was really “mix tape” of me.

I’m don’t promise to pretend to get all professional & serious up in here, either. Nobody is paying me to blog, & although I would certainly follow some guidelines if one of y’all wanted to pay me to blog, I intend to pretty much carry on as normal here. Which is to say stream-0f-consciousness ranting. By all means, if someone wants to pay me to blog or gank me for a focused site where my style might help convey a point, tame the savage beast. Until such time, this where the beast goes to tear up its meat & strop its claws.

I assure you nothing I post will be exciting enough to evoke that imagery ever again. Well. Maybe.

And so another chapter in brain vomiting begins.*

*whoa, I just spell checked using WordPress & I apparently use passive voice a whole ton. English diplomacy for you. [bats eyelashes]


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