Chuckfest 2010: When I Was Just A Little Girl

My intention was to sit here & write out my Chuckfest 2010 report. And by the power of Greyskull, I will. Must…resist…responding to…smarmy, snippy…judgmental, mean spirited…Twitter leftists…

*imagine now the pained expression of someone desperately trying not to throw up on her prom date’s shoes…now imagine someone breathing through the rage, realizing she has ample time & space to go off on people who are apparently so politically correct that they are above loving a child…grrrr…argh….ah! Got it!*

‘Cos technically, I kinda vented…heh.

Speaking of loving a child, I got to spend pretty much all of Chuckfest 2010 with the one & only Bailey, or @LittleChuckFan for you Twitter types, and her fabulous mom Sara @radi8n & dad Jeff, who has concluded I too am a small child. Yayz! I can haz jellybeans! But before I drop any more inside jokes, let me begin at the beginning (which we all know I suck at, so I’ll try to stay on task).

It was weird flying out of Reno to Los Angeles. Lake Tahoe was covered in a mist so thick, it looked like it was replaced by a snow field. I tried to explain this to the dapper and profoundly gay elderly gentleman next to me, who was a delight, & kept trying to get me to eat & drink things. Eventually, the snow gave way to fog gave way to a glorious sunset. We landed in Los Angeles and I could already feel the misery of the northern cold melt from my muscles and bones. I had arrived.

No sooner had I arrived than Tabin called me. No shit, I was waiting in the noisy terminal pick up thingy for my sister & Tabz called me about a boy. She has a magical sense of when I am not in airplane mode. I wanted to hear all about said boy, but buses the size of brontosauruses & just as loud made it nigh impossible. I concluded that drinks later were in order, and we decided to table boy talk until there was booze. My sister arrived with newly acquired bangs & I was whisked away by her expert LA driving and swearing.

Then we got lost.

To her credit, we completely avoided the 405 by getting lost. My many Angelino friends tell me my sister is a hero. It’s like avoiding the Pass of Caradhras, I am told. My sister is Gandalf.

On through Moria we went, & by Moria I mean the 101 or the 10 or the 110 or any number of combinations of 1 & 0. We were on some binary freeway that was going NOWHERE. Fairly parked, we sang along with the Cocteau Twins & I relayed some nonsense or other to my extremely patient sister, who enjoys all stories. Eventually we made it to the bloody effing sodding Marriott (which is what she was calling it by the time we finally reached it) & met up with Sara & Bailey in the lobby of our extremely nice hotel (& I will not tell you how I scored that unless the parties that be wish me to share that info, but MUCH love to them!).

Bailey regaled me with her solid two victories over some dude in Wii Tennis (girl power, roar!) & Sara revealed that she had won the Wii Golf Tournament stone cold SOBER! The Captain was not in the driver’s seat all day (& for some reason, nobody believed her). I then checked into my lemony fresh room & we all met downstairs with Jen @hokie98jj to walk across the street to Japanese food.

Lemony fresh explained: The Marriott uses, as its toiletries, the citrus ginger schtuff from Bath & Bodyworks. It smells quite a bit like Lemon Pledge, which is not all together unpleasant but is rather intense. My sister remarked that my room smelled overly clean, which is better than underly clean, we agreed.

Food was yummy! I had a nigiri plate. I asked my sister for her wad of wasabi because my wad was too small (I dig me some wasabi) & for some reason, the word ’wad’ was of particular amusement to our companions. This of course made me start laughing, & I was trying to be quiet, failing, & I told everyone it would be awful the next day at the premiere because I was actually trying to be quiet now, & Bailey stage whispered to Mom “If that’s quiet, what does she NORMALLY laugh like?” Well, Bailey then found out.

All iced tea in SoCal is berry flavoured, even the unsweetened kind.

We nommed & laughed & then went back to the hotel. I told my sister goodbye & went upstairs to my room. No sooner had I entered, almost, than Tabin called me (her ring tone is “Still D.R.E.”, which is so pimp) so I let the music play for a little bit & then picked up. She was downstairs! Well foxtrot me! I joined her & I had a gin n’ tonic, some Riesling, and she had a beer & some cake.

After a bit of booze & boy talk, Tabz joked we should get Baldwin’s attention at the meet & greet the next day by wearing t-shirts that say “We Heart Sowell” with taped up glasses. The idea was that we are poli-economics nerds. I suggested little plaid skirts to go with & this for some reason got us laughing so hard that a guy at the bar started talking at us. “Had a bit to drink, ladies?” “NO! We’re being nerds!” I shouted. More giggling.

“There’s nothing wrong with nerds,” the bespectacled would-be swain oozed over a sleazy grin. I’ve seen this look before. It’s the “SCORE! Two drunk chicks! And one of them’s Asian & one of them’s a red head! This is a nerd’s anime fantasy come true! I do hope one of them has glasses!”

Tabz & I looked at each other. I fired a volley at him: “We’re being politics nerds.”

*weeeeeoooooooooPKKKKKHHHHHHHH* <—the sound of a rocket propelled grenade of reality hitting a dude.

“POLITICS nerds? Oh, that’s scary.”

AH HAH! I can haz weeding out! He was nice enough, & continued to talk at us a bit, but eventually we were able to go back to Sowell nerding out & what have you. 

“Wait, KellieJane, why were yall trying to get Baldwin’s attention by being poli-economics nerds?” you ask. Um, do you follow him??

Well, we didn’t know at the time how intimate Chuckfest was going to be. Most of Tabz experiences with The Man They Call Jayne were during Browncoat events she was volunteering with, so this was the first time in a good long while that she was just going to be able to be a big geeky fan. What’s geekier than wearing a t-shirt that says “I Heart Sowell”? We all (I’m including Adam in this) appreciate the man’s writing. Turned out to be profoundly unnecessary. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

At some point, we snapped a photo because the bar we were in was the scene of a Browncoat gathering some years before. I posted it to Twitter. Some of you may have seen it…

Some guy randomly asked us (& everyone else in the bar) who the most powerful man in Hollywood was. We both decided it was George Clooney. This is not a good thing, we just figured it was true while we were tipsy. I mean, he IS on Entertainment Tonight a lot.

I think we shut the bar down. Eventually I went to bed.

The next day, Jen, Bailey, Sara, Jeff & I had brunch at Denny’s. It’s exciting conveying the concept of no flour tortillas to people who don’t understand why a flour tortilla will decimate your gut. And now I realize I had a Spanish-language gluten card in my purse. DUH. Oh well. I do speak Spanish, I just don’t speak medical condition Spanish. My knowledge is relegated to beer acquisition and nonsense phrases about cats. “El gato es un boligrafo.” Yah. But it was all good. We then went back to the hotel & changed for the party.

Jen, Bailey, & I sat in the back seat of a Chevy sedan. I had forgotten to put lotion on so Sara, who had read @MrsHekmi’s tweets before we left, said, “Do you need to get cocoa buttered up? All I’ve got is Lemon Pledge lotion,” and she handed me a little bottle from the hotel. Jeff drove & Sara quipped. Bailey pointed to at least two jellybean shops (Burbank is oddly loaded with them) & Sara promised Bailey that if she called Baldwin “Sugar Bear”, she would get her some jellybeans. We also went over a list of things Bailey could NOT say to anybody involved with Chuck. To her credit, Bailey was ON it. 

It was noted that Bailey & I are a little silly together, and by a little silly I mean poor Jen. Here she is, sitting next to Frick & Frack, the giggle twins, & lo, on Sunset, a homeless lady talking merrily into her Styrofoam cup of soup. I’m not sure which one of us decided to “happy up” the homeless lady by insinuating that she was a secret agent reporting on Bailey, but when she disappeared, Sara announced that Bailey had “made her” & I figured she lowered back down into the sidewalk via a secret platform, Get Smart style. From then on, the concept that Bailey was being tailed by various forces was lodged in our heads.

Well, she is, after all, Mini Sarah Walker!

Jeff found an amazing parking spot & we made our way to the House of Blues. Thank sweet Jesus I decided NOT to wear my stiletto boots. That damn sidewalk is steep, & I would have gone flying down it. We were able to identify some peeps while in line. I got to meet Jasmine @chucknut, who checked me in, & Jess @jessicasisk, whom you will know from the Chuck You Tuesday podcasts. They & the other volunteers were both working hard.

Once we got inside, we realized how very different this would be from a Con situation. There were tables, & it was dark & intimate. There were two stools in front of each table, which meant we were going to get everybody in pairs, just to our table, at a time! We took a booth up at the front &, being an idiot, I squished all the way to the back of it guaranteeing no hugs. Tabz showed up & squeezed in, and then we waited. The House of Blues folks were inexplicably playing Mariah Carey. I am not a fan. Tabz apparently is. She sang quite a bit of it to me. Someone got word that the cast would be coming in on our end. We started to get a little fluttery. 

To distract us, gobs of folks were coming up wanting pictures with our little star, Bailey! She was wearing her Orange Orange outfit & looked like Sarah Walker crossed with Alice in Wonderland. She took all the photo ops in stride. What a pro!

We were then hushed & the ground rules were reiterated, then Mark announced they were here! Everybody got palpably wiggy. And then Zachary Levi popped in. Holy crap, it’s Chuck himself! Then I think it was Josh Gomez, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Lancaster, Scott Krinsky, Vic Sahay, and Adam Baldwin. Flashes went insane. I got lots of blurry iPod photos. MCL AND Yvonne both came over to shake Bailey’s hand before any of the actual meeting/greeting was to take place.

I heard someone say, “Zac & Adam…” but Adam said, in a silly-on-purpose voice, “Nah, I don’t wanna go to that table” and he went to the one next to us. I get the impression one doesn’t argue with Adam Baldwin (see how he deals with his Twitter opponents to get an idea) so we got Zac by hisownself. What an affable chap! He is basically Chuckesque, just obviously not all wriggly & nervous. He’s charming & friendly to the nines. He shook all our hands, asked us our names, remembered them all, talked some, & asked us if we all knew each other before meeting at the event. Yes, we said. “How? Through or or…”

“Hashtags! On Twitter!” I blurted. Many of us met each other by doing #chuck searches or noticing each other during Chuck Me Mondays. I explained what all that meant & he seemed impressed, but also wary, so I said, “A little psychotic, huh?” But he was cool; he remarked it was great that Chuck brought folks together like this. We agreed. He also tried to pronounce Tabin’s name correctly several times, which is very sweet & of course proves they are soul mates.

Oh, if this report seems My Remarkscentric, it’s because I have quite a bit of ambient hearing loss. If I actually caught anything anybody else said, I will mention it (if it wasn’t private), but I really have to concentrate to hear anybody in a room full of people. Don’t feel bad; it’s my own fault for being in a really unbelievably loud band when I was a teenager. And rehearsing next to a ten foot Marshall stack. Yeah.

Zac left us & we were kind of hanging for a while. This made us all much more nervous. Either Wendy Farrington @serendipityWAF or Jasmine came over to tell us we were getting the girls next. Bailey kind of went into super alert mode.

And then the utterly perfect Yvonne Strahovski and Sarah Lancaster alit at our table. Yvonne is so elegant and gazelle like in grace, so charming and serene. Sarah has a twinkle in her huge blue eyes & was comported like the old Hollywood sirens. Yvonne signed Bailey’s orange Chucks, hugged Bailey, and spent a lot of time on Bailey which delighted me to no end, because Bailey was BEAMING. We all talked about Twitter a bit & I (sorry guys) told Yvonne if she does get Twitter she might want to keep it on the down low & just tweet Bailey. The boys are a tad, er…scary? Some of them. Now I realize the girls are, too. Yvonne strikes me as a very quiet person, so Twitter could be overwhelming & distressing. For some reason I am oddly protective of my TV heroines (I think it’s my mei mei complex) so I’d rather not see Yvonne be inundated with a bunch of demanding or creepy BS. Sarah said she doesn’t understand the whole Twitter thing at all.  My concern is, if regular girls like me get weird tweets & DMs, what would happen to our starlets, who would have thousands more followers? I’m sure the other tables plied the ladies to join Twitter, so I’m sure I didn’t do much to discourage them. 

Next we got JEFFSTER! Scott & Vic sat down & it was interesting how Scott was Scott, but Vic was Lester. Like, Vic is ALWAYS Lester. Scott, thank God, only appears to be Jeff on camera as he was very normal & charming in person. Jeff of course 24/7 would be terrifying. Vic took a series of creepy Prince photos that were awesome, and Jeff said something about a Mexican prison which, no matter how much analysis myself & Sara devote to it, we still don’t get.

I told both of them that Jeffster needs to do “Under Pressure” and also some beautiful, cheesy Chicago. “Why would we do something cheesy?” Vic said, in full on Lester mode. 

“No, Chicago is cheesy,” I explained. “Jeffster would do it beautifully. Comedy gold.” 

“I think you’re saying we’re cheesy. That‘s hurtful.”

“No, I…”

“That’s hurtful.”

“No, I!”

“You’re hurtful!”

I laughed. “I’ve been told that.”

He blinked. “You’ve been told you’re hurtful?”

“Well, I can be a little mean.” I was thankfully saved by a conversation shift to Scott. Lester…I mean Vic’s insistent gaze is slightly terrifying.

Our visits were occasionally punctuated by rambunctious shouts of “Casey!!!”

Next we got Josh Gomez & Mark Christopher Lawrence. He hugged Jen, who had received a special surprise from him earlier in the year. Both Josh & Mark were extremely friendly. We talked about Mark’s play, his inspirational tweets regarding work outs & prayer, and Josh signed Bailey’s game gadget. Josh said “I love signing electronics!” to which I responded “Hey, beats selling electronics” which made him laugh. I got Josh Gomez to laugh! Yay! I thanked Mark for taking the time to follow so many of us back on Twitter & to interact with us. He & Josh thanked us for watching. Mark shook our hands and they left.

Then Baldwin strode up. “Saved the best for last!” he bellowed, to which we all cheered. He turned immediately to Bailey. “Hiya, gorgeous!” and proceeded to make her beam with joy for a good long while. He then turned to me, reached over the table, stuck out his hand, and said, “And you must be KellieJane. I recognize you from your photo.” Holy foxtrot! Really? But instead I think I said “And you’re Adam!” because DUH. *headdesk* He turned to Tabz and said, “And you’re Tabin. You in the Supreme Court yet?” because she’s met him many times & used to chat with him back in the day on the old Firefly board. That’s how fricken’ generous he is to his fans. He also introduced himself to Jen & sat down on a stool. 

“You’re my last table so you guys get me the longest,” he said. “Yay!” we all replied. He then said to me, “Now, you’re at the Marriott in Burbank, right? I saw your tweet last night. I thought this thing was there.” Again, in my utter brilliance I said “No, it’s here” and Tabz saved me by saying “That was the Browncoat Bash.” “Ohhh,” he says, “Right, the thingy.” I am so glad somebody more intelligent than me also says “thingy”.

We talked about a LOT of thingies…I know he described the DC Ride to Recovery to Jeff when he found out Bailey’s family is from Virginia. At some point he hid his beer from Bailey & I told him not to worry as I’d been swearing up a storm in front of Bailz & both parents told me she’d heard worse. Adam said “Well, they hear everything, you can’t help that, but it’s when they start regurgitating it that you gotta…“ and he made a sort of cutting off motion. Sara then brilliantly said, “That’s why we like Chuck. It’s great for the whole family.“ Bailey handed her game gadget to Adam and, visions of jellybeans dancing in her head, said, “Would you sign this for me, Sugar Bear?“ He made this charmed face, growled, & signed it with his name, then wrote “Sugar Bear” with an arrow pointing to his autograph below it. Y’know, in case Bailz couldn’t remember which one was Sugar Bear.

There may have been a couple more topics before Adam said to Jeff, “Now if you want me to discuss anything further, that video camera’s gotta go off.” I turned immediately to Jeff and in a voice with more authority than is probably due me, I barked “Shut it off.” To Jeff’s credit, he did not throw anything at me.

I don’t THINK our conversation after the camera went off was terribly classified. There were no Chuck secrets if that’s what you’re all wondering. However, it was personalish, and therefore not really bloggable. You wouldn’t want me to do that to you, would you? Let me say this about Adam Baldwin. He is unimaginably convivial, & jovial, in person. He listens. He retains the slightest bit of info, even stupid things you tweet when you don’t think he’s paying attention. He’s quick as hell, and he laughs readily (which is arguably the most important trait a fella can have, in my book). He is extremely expressive and unbelievably kind. He’s pretty much like I expected him to be, except really real! Who knew?

Well, Tabz did but STILL.

He talked as he was signing items for us. He drew something cheeky on one of them…I won’t say what it was as I didn’t actually witness it & had to be told later. But this part I can reveal, because he told us what caption to use on the photo. He pulled a couple of Army golf balls from his sport coat pocket & held them up. Grinning fiendishly (see the photos) he said “Here’s a caption for your photo. ‘Never let it be said that Adam Baldwin doesn’t have balls‘.” Do you know how hard it is to take an iPhone photo when you’re laughing? It was then time to leave, so he graciously bowed out & went over to the Chuckfest 2010 banner for more cast & flash action.

They went back to the Subway sandwich area to chow down & Tabz went out for a smoke. I needed fresh air so I went with. We noticed that people were just mingling among the cast, so we went over to see Adam. In line, I met Tom briefly (hi Tom!), one of many people I unfortunately didn’t get to spend much more time (if any) with as it was kind of nuts. Being in Bailey’s entourage is a whirlwind, lemme tell ya! But Adam saw me & Tabz, put his arms out, & did the “Get your butts over here” gesture. We went over for a photo with her camera, then I tried to take one with my iPhone which Adam said wouldn’t come out (he was right), so he moved us over to another spot & a guy took the photo for me. He called us gorgeousesses, said “Bless ya, see ya!” and then all the cast were whisked away to their Escalades. Tabz & I watched them leave, then Ron @droitz joined us. When everyone was gone, we headed back to the Bailey Table & gathered our stuff as we were being herded out for the next phase of the evening. 

Tabz charged ahead on Sunset as she knew where to get drinks & grub. Bailey & I followed, and I took her hand as we crossed the first street. We talked about her imminent stardom & I nearly hid her as a camera crew with a boom mic came up the street! “You thought that was for me!” she laughed. I said, “It wouldn’t have surprised me a damn bit if it was for you!” So…yeah, swearing in front of a 9 year old again. *foreheadpalm*

We got to a little place called Poquito Mas & I handed Bailey back to Sara. “Here, this is yours.” Jeff said, “We don’t have a little girl!” and I said, “Ooh, can I keep her?” and Jeff said, “Hell no, you want to bring her to the west coast!” I guess being in Virginia they would like to visit with her from time to time. I pouted. I’m still pouting.

They ended up going to Mel’s, so I got yet another berry effing flavoured iced tea & sat down with Tabz and her nachos. We were joined by Ivy @yoitzivy, Mary, Rose, Aimee, & several other girls I haven’t memorized yet (sorry!). We basked in the afterglow of the meet & greet, tried not to look at Twitter since people on the east coast were already tweeting about the Chuck premiere, & weirdly didn’t actually discuss the meet & greet itself. I think we all had our secrets.

We all rendezvoused and walked back to the House of Blues for the premiere. We watched Colonel & The Ring before it started. Bailey was in utter demand for photos & meetings with writers & such, so I stayed in my seat & watched our stuff. At that point I was freakin’ exhausted anyway so I think all my charm & wit (such as it was…”You‘re Adam!” DOH) had escaped me. Tabz brought me a gin n’ tonic which sealed the “Huh? What?” deal. 

There was a brief raffle before the premiere began. During it, Jasmine grabbed me & said, “Fernando would like to meet you.” Jesse Heiman! I went over & he was just about to leave. He shook my hand & I gave him a hug. He was very sweet. He said it was crazy because people wanted his photo & autograph & Jasmine said, “Hey, this is Chuck! You’re a big deal with us!” He said he had been trying to leave for a while as he had to work early the next morning, but he wanted to say hi to me first, which was so sweet. He said goodbye & I bumped into my friend Scott @agent_akin for three seconds before I had to sit down for the thing to start. He tweeted something like “KellieJane is being whisked away by staff” so I feel so bad that I really was barely able to say two words to anybody.

The premiere started. You’ve seen it; I won’t go into it. The most disturbing part of the evening was myself and Bailey chanting “Kill him! Kill him!” when Emmett was being menaced by the assassin. Well, and the bursting into laughter when…in retrospect, I feel slightly bad, & to Jen’s classy credit she was mortified (I think Jess Sisk was, too!) by our collective behaviour, but…dude! It’s Emmett.


We watched both episodes, a veritable orgy of laughter & tears, excitement & tension. Casey with a mini-gun? Just about meets the Casey with a radiator fun of last season. When it was all done, we cheered like lunatics. It was magical. And Bailey was almost fast asleep. So it was time to go, after briefly chatting with the unbelievably sweet Laurie.

Once we got outside, though, Bailey lit up with that silly second wind little girls & I get. We kinda both did. There were a ton of limos, some across the street, some following us, all for Bailey, I assumed, out loud. Somehow jellybeans were worked into the conversation. But we had to get back to the hotel & go to sleep, as we had the WB tour in the morning. I assured Jeff I would not go out drinking again. Jen had a plane to catch in the morning, so we hugged her & said our goodbyes.

The next day, Sara & Jeff were already sort of pre-exasperated with myself & Bailey so the fact that our car ride to the WB lot got even sillier did not help. At one point, Bailey pointed to a giant billboard and said ‘Chuck!’ really loudly, but at that very moment a truck rolled in front of it so I kind of went blank, turned to Bailey, smiled, & said, “Yes, Bailey, truck. Very good.” Oh boy. Once we figured out what happened, we played the Regression Game. Bailey pointed to a car. “Look, KellieJane! Car!” “Good, Bailey, you’re so verbal!” and so on. Sara rolled her eyes a lot.

When we got to the lot, she said, “You’re sitting with her in the tram.”

The tour was AMAZING. Our guides were Chuck fans so we got the Chuck treatment. We went to the wardrobe department & met the lovely & generous Claire, and weirdly also an actor from “Cold Case” whose name totally escapes me, but he was very funny. He was mortified that we were there for Chuck. We saw a fake Navy Seal-esque sign that, in Latin, said “Always wear underwear.” We got to see the house party flier from 3.02. We went to the costume department & saw some amazing stuff…and we all went “Awwww” when we saw Harry Tang’s little ass man polo. We miss you, Harry Tang!

We got to go to the Orange Orange set, the castle set (the flak jackets & gun stash are RIGHT THERE!!), & the Buy More set. Holy crap. The Buy More is really & honestly the same size & layout as my local Best Buy. It was CRAZY. And there was a Nerd Herder parked outside. I was particularly stoked about the castle & the Buy More…Bailey was in awe of the Orange Orange. You should have seen her face. It was magical.

A lovely thing, especially when we were in the castle…you really get the impression the crew cares a lot about Chuck. They are proud of their work, craftsmanship, and the actors. They are just as excited about working on the show as we are watching it, which was nice to see. The castle is freakin’ awesome, you guys. It’s basically a tough girl’s dream office.

We drove around the backlot & saw a lot of storefronts that have been used in Chuck, redressed in various ways. We saw stuff that is coming up in future episodes, in fact. Hee hee! We didn’t want the tour to end, but it did, and we went for Mexican food & then rested up before 3.03. We were so tired & Bailey was near death, so Sara & she came to my room. Bailey managed to make it through, but the poor thing was fighting sleep all the way. It had a been a busy few days for a little girl on EST! Of course we were in hysterics over the great Casey lines (“I’m sorry I blew up your dog; obviously the bomb was meant for you” is bound to be in the quote list) & excellent Chuck faces. And then we pretty much died.

The fam kindly took me over to Denny’s again for breakfast, where Bailey & I continued to be sillies. We speculated as to the types of soup an agent would talk to on various missions (won ton for China, albondingas for Mexico, & the ubiquitous Mr. Chunky), and Bailey practiced her spoons for when she has to go undercover as a crazy soup lady. Then I had to hug everybody goodbye as they were going to Universal and I was going home.

My sister picked me up to take me to the airport. I told her everything. She squeeed. A lot. I love her. I miss her.

What. A Fricken. Trip.

I’m exhausted just writing about it! I’m sure at nearly 10 pages, you are exhausted reading it. But it was phenomenal. I want another one. Let’s do another one! Again, again!

Apparently, I am still a little girl…and I miss my friend Bailey. She’s truly an awesome kid, & deserves all the attention she gets. She’s gracious, well behaved (yes, Sara, she is!) and funny as hell…er, heck…and that is all a credit to her folks, Sara & Jeff, who are lovely people themselves. Sara & I got to talk a bit, too, & she is a cool lady, guys, with a wry sense of humour. I see where Bailey gets hers. Jeff…well, we’re not sure where Jeff’s sense of humour comes from…it’s a little off. But he’s got a good heart, & Bailey does, too.

Chuckfest 2010 Part B, let’s do it! Mark, Laurie, Wendy, Magnus, and all the other wonderful folks who volunteered really did this right. And we raised money for the American Heart Association, which makes it more than just geeks getting together to geek out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but having a heart is, when it comes down to it, the Chuckiest thing of all.


6 thoughts on “Chuckfest 2010: When I Was Just A Little Girl

  1. MichaelaMD23 says:

    -pleaze tell me Im not one of those “leftists” you speak of?-“El gato es un boligrafo.” The cat is a… Pen? hookayyy then- You spelled Yvonne’s last name wrong… Its with an I not a Y (Y is Russian, I is Polish) (I am a Picky Pole) #SWFG #fanfail-And Emmett is spelled with an E not an I… (im picky on names… having a constantly misspelled one) (No, my name is not Michaela… I will tell ya if we meet in person.) Anywho… I loved it and am uber jealous. the next Chuckfest shoudl SOOO be for ComicCon.

  2. Magnus Anton Lekay says:

    Best blog ever. 🙂 Glad you had so much fun.

  3. arakaan says:

    Wonderful account of your chuckfest trip. Gave me some laughs and apparently some envy as well. Fun times had by all is always good. 🙂

  4. Xenaclone/Philippa says:

    My friend Lyn and I had the extreme pleasure of sharing a table with Adam in L.A. a few years ago. Like you, I keep the subject matter vague, but he was an is an utter sweetheart as you found out 🙂

  5. eowynlotr says:

    You had me at the Moria reference. Great blog. Even a pinko commie liberal lefty like myself could enjoy it.

  6. Larry says:

    Great blog KJ! Looking forward to SDCC!

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