In The Dressing Room

Get yer head out. This is after I got my clean bill of health, apres mammogram & ultrasound. I am wearing my new peacoat! This is the best light I could find and YES, Morgan, I had to hold the phone up high so you can see some of the coat.

Old Navy, $62. Awesome Actually warm, satin lined, dry clean only. Yes, that is the final hair colour. It’s way in your face with bright reditude. Monster. Grr.


4 thoughts on “In The Dressing Room

  1. Morgan says:

    I got mentioned! How fun!Nice coat, by the way. 🙂

  2. MeMo07 says:

    Oh my gosh….I love it…but you know what I love more?!?! YOUR HAIR! It’s freakin’ GORGEOUS!

  3. cathespian04 says:

    You look so adorable! That coat is you to a T 😀

  4. Mae says:

    If I were to write a post in homage to you, I would name it “Wherein I Squee for KJ’s Hair Colourificness.”

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