Politically Verklempt

Adam Baldwin’s Big Hollywood posts make yall so insane with rage, I now rub my little hands together in anticipation of a new one. I’m kind of hoping he goes after the Care Bears next. “Prepare to stare? Where are those little bastards’ manners? Their mothers are obviously leftists who never taught them any.” That would make me giddy.

But instead, he posted this: http://bighollywood.breitbart.com/abaldwin/2009/11/13/the-demands-of-political-correctness/ Go read it. At the end (since some of you aren’t going to read it) he asks: “What is your definition of Political Correctness, and what demands do you think it places upon the Arts, public education, American institutions and American society?”

To which I responded:

“Political Correctness was taught to me, a white chick, in college, by other white people. When I got out into the real world with people who weren’t always white, they were bemused. Apparently, I had it right in high school when I was writing a paper about Andrew Jackson’s presidency. I used the terms “black people” & “white people”, & a highly liberal peer reviewer said it seemed racist. I asked “Which part was racist? The word ‘people’?” Descriptions are now racism? Tell that to Deaf people, whose entire language is made of descriptions. There IS NO PC in Deaf culture! (well, except for capitalizing “deaf” I ‘spose). 

PC demands we forgo description for muddling. I once asked a friend, thinking I was being sensitive, if she preferred to be called Latina or Chicana. She laughed at me and said she was Mexican. She didn’t understand why people didn’t just ask what country she came from originally. To brazenly quote Oprah, “Aha!” I had a little epiphany. God forbid we actually get to KNOW HUMAN BEINGS. So much easier to just lump them into whatever skin colour we think they might be. And then there’s my half American, half Vietnamese friend that people insisted was Paiute. It’s apparently more politically sensitive to assume someone is Paiute than to inquire as to their ancestry. Bizarre. 

I think people get wiggy about race because folk like Hitler made extreme distinctions regarding race, right down to exactly what kind of white person one was. What they forget is that Hitler made that distinction for the purpose of killing people, where the rest of us use it as dinner conversation. Most of my American friends are one quarter 5 different things. 😉 I guess Sesame Street avoids that whole conundrum by making their puppets furry, or orange. I mean, wtf is Bert for God’s sake? No race, no incorrectness?”

I beg of you, gentle, delicious reader: WTF IS BERT?!


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