Hey Yous, I Don’t Sound English, Yo

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SBEvsSAE.wav (191 KB)

Here is a recording of my voice for those of you who wish I sounded English. I don’t. I’m sorry. Unless you are from Japan or Thailand, then apparently you hear it anyway. Mazeltov!


3 thoughts on “Hey Yous, I Don’t Sound English, Yo

  1. Kelly Bailey says:

    When I was in England a couple of years ago, I was having dinner in London and these two ladies were sitting at the table next to me speaking a language I’d never heard. Turns out they were Welsh.Anyhooo, after asking them were they were from, they asked me how I like Ireland. Uh? I’m American. Born and bread. Never been to Ireland. This is my first time in the UK. I assured them. They would have none of it. They said I sounded Irish. They asked my name and I said my name was Kelly Bailey… That was it. Discussion over. I was Irish. They were convinced I was pulling their leg. They probably still tell the story of the silly Irishman they met in London who claimed he was American.One of my dearest friends is a Brit (she lives in Ashford, Kent) and I talk to her almost every weekend, so I am accustom to the English accent and you are right. I can’t hear it at all in your voice.

  2. KJ says:

    Get me sauced, Kelly. It comes out a smidge. 😉 But yeah I can see why a Welsh lady or two would think an American guy called Kelly Bailey might be a lying Irishman. Lots of Irish people sound nearly American. It’s why it’s so much easier for Americans to fake an Irish accent than an English one. As for me, I can do a lot of accents but the Australian one escapes me completely, as does a very upper class Brit. Not in the blood.

  3. thelastnameleft says:

    It’s a very nice accent though 🙂

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