It’s The Separation of Dogma & State, Stupid Girl!

I am LOVING your emails, texts, tweets, & posts. Keep ’em coming! 

Some of yall are right; I do appear to have gluten-injestion related swings from libertarianism to outright “But, but, think of the children!”ism. However, something’s finally dawned on me, a revelation, one I’m still wrestling with to be sure. 

It kind of started a few months ago & has been getting more apparent, clear, & glaringly obvious the more I talk with my patient & learned friend, Tabs (who, in turn exposes me to bolder persons than my usual circle, who point out holes in my arguments): 

I don’t ever have the right to make my religious or personal beliefs or preferences your policy. 

Really? It took me 35.5 years to sort THAT simple statement? 

I had an uneasy feeling a coupla weeks ago when I was talking with my adopted mei mei about my feelings on abortion. The concept alarms me, but I don’t have the right to tell you what to do with yourself. 

So…why was I at times on blazing 3 alarm fire about making you pay for my patients’ health care? Isn’t that the same thing? 

Light bulb! If we’re going to appeal to the broader audience, it was an Ah Hah moment. 

Do I want EVERYONE to be happy? Of course. Is that my business to impose on you? Hell no. I’m sorry I railed atcha. Slap me if I do it again. 

It’s your choice to keep a child or help the sick. Also, it’s my choice what religion I want to be or whether or not I wish to discriminate against people based on their sexual preferences. This is why I would not register as Republican if an American citizen. Much more toward the Libertarian side. 

Also I have the freedom to think Obama seems like a swell guy. Of course I’ve never met him, he just seems like good people, as does John McCain, for that matter. Congress, I’ve never understood. Been wondering what they’ve been smoking since I moved here. 

If anyone has any insight on that, please, let me know! We know it is at least not flavoured cigarettes.


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