Get On Your Boots, Yeah

The stereotype that girls like shoes is, unfortunately, true. It’s your fault, though. Well, if you’re a guy reading this, it’s your fault. You like our legs when we wear cute shoes, and you do notice cute shoes, even when you claim you don’t.

Case in point: I wear a sensible shoe to work because I work in medicine, & there is a lot of running around &, because I’m on a medical campus, it takes me 7 minutes to get from the parking lot to my office. I am usually in a sensible shoe. Even if I didn’t have fibromyalgia, I would probably be in a sensible shoe. Rick works with me, and he never notices the sensible shoes.

Last Saturday, I wore a heel for the first time in ages. Rick, absentmindedly, said, “I love the sound of those shoes. The tock tock tock of your footsteps.” Men. Love. Heels.

It’s going to be autumn on Wednesday, according to the weathermen in Reno. Yes, specifically on Wednesday. On Tuesday, it’s going to be 89 F. On Wednesday, 60. So naturally, thoughts turn to boots, and while looking for boots, we find shoes.

I am so not a Western crap type of girl, but these are kinda hawt:

God I love these:

These are so bad ass:

These are kinda cute, but sensible:


Fierce. I would kill myself in these because the heel has no curve:

Nice. Spendy.

These. Are. My. Favourites. And. $1k. I can haz sugar daddy?

These. Are. Fucking. Ludicrous. In a good way:

Simple, elegant:

I don’t wish to bore you any further & I could spend all day searching for $1k shoes (and, you know, go homeless). Next time I swear I will try to write something relevant that will be of meaning to you, the nation, the world, the universe, ok? Or at least be funny. You guys seem to like when the pretty monkey dances.


One thought on “Get On Your Boots, Yeah

  1. Carter Dotson says:

    My thoughts on this matter are as such:

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