Your New God

Oh, by the way, if you are excited about me being on Posterous, or insane with rage, thank/blame Carter, who is He’s been pimping out Posterous like a $5.00 @manpanion since the dawn of…a month or so ago. Carter has made it so that I can post to Facebook without really actually having to deal very much with the actual Facebook site, which is glorious. If I can just communicate with my FB friends via text, I will be quiz & little gift free & happier than a @manpanion at a topless bar with a $3.99 all-you-can-eat bacon buffet.

I have no idea why I’m picking on @manpanion, except that he makes it easy. Infer whatever you like.

Also, Carter is the boy me. Except that if I were really male, I would be a testerone poisoned piece of shit who beats up stupid people & crushes beer cans on his head, so maybe I’m the girl Carter??? Except my love of baseball begins and ends with the fact that I look cute in a Yankees cap.

I love that. Let’s have that be my new super hero name. I. Am. Girl Carter. I am not sure what my special power is. I’m sure he will think of one for me.

My other super hero name is apparently Incindiary or Flammable or Conflagration or something. I can’t remember what it is, but I can set stupid people on fire with my mind. Which is not very Buddhist of me, I admit. The thing about all comic book super heroes is that they have some sort of conflict that will eventually get them killed if they are in a Marvel book. My super hero conflict is “Not Being a Good Buddhist”.

It’s WAY more exciting than you think. I am sure my Marvel death will be sepukku.

Or however you spell seppuku.

I should call Brad.

Except he says “calvary” instead of “cavalry”, so what does he know?


I feel better now that this is out of my system.

May I go now?


One thought on “Your New God

  1. Carter Dotson says:

    Burning Desire! You forgot Burning Desire! …even if it does sound like an STD

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