Too Much Is Not Enough

What is this now? My 8th blog? Lemme think. Dairyland (ok, fine, Diaryland), MySpace, Tumblr, Facebook, now Posterous. It’s my 5th. But this one posts to EVERYTHING. I forged in secret a master blog, to control all blogs. One blog to rule them all, one blog to post them, one blog to bring them all & in the darkness assault you all with a never ending stream of total bullshit & meandering.

To be fair, we all know I blog like a bloggin’ fool and then completely fail to do so for long stretches of time. It’s kind of how I treat email and Facebook (but not Twitter, beloved Twitter, teacher, mother, secret lover. Yes, another Simpsons quote. Admit you like me slightly better now). And yes, another venue upon which to rant about health care & careful moderation (to the extreme, motherfuckers!).

And also a lot of not saying anything about secret somethings that I can’t talk about yet.


Sorry, Katy. Keep guessin’, darlin’. It’s a pleasure to see how much you know or remember of me.

Secret, exciting, happy plans. That terrify me because it means everything changes. But, like they say, fear builds a coffin around you, & you won’t even need to buy one in the end because you will have built it around you with the detritus of forsaken & betrayed dreams. Oh, wait. “They” never said that. I just made it up. Feel free to quote me. I think it might be under 140 characters…

Soon I will post my #followfriday list, or I will get cracking on my novel like I should have done last week. Or I should get cracking on my sleep, like I should have done last week, because gluten ninjas snuck whole wheat bread crumbs into my fake Omega 3 butter and I feel like Kanye West stole my VMA & also punched me in the anus. In case you were wondering what severe gluten intolerance/celiac sprue was like. Like being punched in the anus by Kanye West. Blows.

Feel free to quote me.


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