If you’re not on Twitter, this will make no sense to you. Also if you’re not on Twitter, I question your existence. I really do.

Anyhow, the #followfriday list, blogged, not tweeted, is @btazzi’s idea. He said I was the best thing in Nevada, even better than Las Vegas, which is a hell of a nice thing to say about a gal, but also doesn’t say very much about Nevada, because I kinda suck. As I love NYC & many people from it, I recommend @btazzi as one of those awesome NYC folk who does not in any way suck whatsoever.

@TRUE is how I learned of @btazzi. @TRUE is a philosopher, a beat aficionado, an anthropologist and a spy. An adept at happiness.

I am going to try to keep these short now. Because I tend to wax. You know how I get.

@wondroushippo whom I’ve already gushed over an embarassing amount of times & you’re over it so just follow him already for the full KJ effect. As I am Girl Carter. Carter is @wondroushippo’s real name.

@aircrash & @zaftiq Recoil fans, married, marvelous, adorable, creative, passionate, drunk, vulnerable, strong, amazing.

@ktabin @danregal (& alter ego, @manpanion) @nodgarb @brianrubin @washosaurus @lomara @_oy_ @athenabelle @PeteRushie @wetodded @theonetruebix (high volume) Browncoats, Whedonites, awesome sauce.

Across the pond, @doubleshiny @OddEssay @gossi make me happy or wildly uncomfortable, in a funny, cackling-with-glee (heh heh) kinda way.

@Matt_Silverman @TheBlights @drsexington are just fun, like someone got you a kit for your birthday. Seriously.

@Maeko @MoTancharoen @chiniehdiaz @happylovesChuck These are Asian broads that we need to see more of in the movies and TV, dammit. Or you could read their blogs. They are all freakin’ awesome in their own respective fields & ways & I wish I knew the Tagalog for “freakin’ awesome”

@chavtasticjinx @gingypsy @beckybringhurst @thelastnameleft @aeonflow @cinematwit @dirtyoldcommie @elektrolad @morganmcalister @traceygrrl @bo101 @timetraveling All Depeche Mode or Recoil people I have known since before Twitter (except @timetraveling) & loved long time.

@MeMo07 @ktbeeper @GodFirst08 @happydayz3 @SerendipityWAF #Chuck chicks I just adore to pieces.

@EVERY1TALKS @ChrisLejarzar @S_Rieser @mattcrandall @ineedpants Nice #Chuck boys who are also fonts of information you need. Trust me.

@manostorgo @HaemishM @acesinzeroland @norbuck @btazzi (again) @MasterSlayer66 @mharrell87 Wonderfully politically aware folk who post their opinions in a relatively respectful manner. You can have a decent conversation with them about the touchiest of concepts & ideologies & they won’t be jerks about it.

As always, @nomadnp & @ALIASgirl18 are very nice people to follow, so you ought, as well as @antallan & his sons, @tharook and @CapnAlex. The latter group are an exceedingly classy bunch with lovely cheeky senses of humour who will never be pedantic, not really anyhow, even though they really can get away with it.

If I missed you, tweet more, smack me, whatevs. I am tired. Gluten ninjas, my sworn enemies, came for me today. And Jay Leno is melting my brain. So now is the time for going.


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